Makeup Desk Inspo

November 25, 2015

As my husband and I are still saving for a few house projects coming up (the date has been set for February! Yay) I can’t help but want to get started on a few personal projects of my own. Don’t even get me started with the guest room, it’s been on my mind for months. Rugs? Closet doors? Curtains? This whole owning a home thing is much harder than I thought. I’m pretty jealous of the people who can move in and right away fill their homes with furniture and décor. Yet at the same time, I am grateful. Grateful for the fact that we can own a home and take our time determining what we really want inside. To be honest, we probably would be more ahead of ourselves if we were more frugal on trips and going out to dinners. Therefore, the house department will be slow.

So, about this side project I have been thinking about. I have been wanting to change my makeup desk ever since my style has changed from grandma vintage to modern/mid century/contemporary the past couple of years. So, if anyone is interested in this beautiful vintage piece I purchased in San Francisco… selling for $300 in AZ.

The before: (we should probably hang our TV at some point too, right?)


I’ll give you one guess as to what color desk I want. If you’ve given up already then the answer is white. It’s always white. I already feel bad for myself for when we decide to have children one day and everything in our house is white. C‘est la vie!

Makeup desk


So here it is…my inspiration board for a new makeup/office area. What do you think? Any pros out there that have any tips for me? Looking forward to hanging in this space.

Be Kind,