Phoenix Fashion Week: Day 3

October 22, 2015

Saturday, October 3rd was the last night showcasing the emerging and established designers for Phoenix Fashion Week. I had an amazing night sitting with girl friend, Whitney Olinger, PR for Neiman Marcus. Before the event, I was caught on the red carpet by Phoenix Fashion Week TV for a brief interview with host, Hanna Tucker. Don’t judge me, I was a little nervous. ha! I am beyond grateful for the people I have met over the year and the opportunities given to be apart of the Arizona fashion industry. After the show, the night ended with the Model of the Year reveal at the after party. Congratulations to Jesus Rojas and Tali Talburt on the next chapter of your lives. Excited to watch you both grow. For me, the night ended at 2am with a little hangover the next day and a “what was I thinking” moment in reference to my middle school dance moves I was bringing all night. …Air grinding. For the record, I only know how to dance like a middle school teenager.

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Makeup by Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist

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Wearing Finders Keepers the Label jumpsuit, Clutch Crowns belt, Zara heels

Photos by aMaes Photography


Photo by Roman Cole

Phx Fashion Week

Photo by Jonathan Puente

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Photo by Mi Fashions 

Emerging Designers

Azmara Asefa

This show was the perfect beginning to introduce the Emerging Designers on Saturday night. Azmara’s collection is incredibly unique, both futuristic and modern and I totally loved it. My two favorite pieces from the collection was the aqua tent dress (with pockets!) and the black and grey sweeping jacket (see photo below). These pieces have been created to help women face whatever personal trauma or “apocalypse” they are dealing with that day. I love the concept, I love these pieces. Excited to see what Azmara does in the near future!



Photos by Almanza Photography 

Leola Sky

As you can see from the photo recap below, the overall designs did not coordinate well with one another at all. As a designer who is showcasing a whole collection, the pieces should have a similar style and essence in its entirety.


Photo by Almanza Photography

Hues of Ego

Natasha first debuted her trendy collection at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014 but wasn’t quite ready to hang her hat. She came back for a 2nd round of the Designer Boot camp and showed us all whose boss. This designer proves that hard work sure pays off. Natasha went home that night as one of the Designers of the Year. What I love most about her collection, other than the jumpsuits (naturally) and stunning palettes, were the pieces you could imagine yourself wearing right off the runway. Congratulations Natasha!


Photo by Almanza Photography

Michelle Hebert

I had my eye on Michelle’s collection ever since her first debut at Shop Garment District a few months ago. The delicate detail, lace, and stunning designs had me in awe over these breathtaking pieces. Paired so perfectly with the ever so amazing Clutch Crowns, this show was magical. I love that every girl can take away from the collection, whether it is a gown or piece of lingerie. I am so excited to see what BIG THINGS this designer does next!


Photo by Dan Tabar 

Established Designers

Design Me

Phoenix Fashion Week started the Established Designers portion of the show with Design Me, which was one of my personal favorites of the entire event. The pieces were beautiful, unique and completely wearable. I loved the color palettes and funky pieces incorporated in the designs.

design me

Glenn Plaid

Not sure there was a girl in the room that had her head in her phone during this show. From good looking models to the dapper threads, Glenn Plaid had everyone in love during this show. I’m a big fan of this tailored look for men, whether its for the office or an everyday look, two thumbs up!


Photo by Dan Tabar 

Albert Andrada 

This show was undeniably beautiful and the gowns were very well crafted, yet I found myself becoming bored with the typical glitter-happy collections that walk Phoenix Fashion Week.


Rocky Gathercole

Rocky was also the finale at last years Phoenix Fashion Week. The designs are with out a doubt works of art and completely beautiful. It felt very similar to last years show and I would be interested to see something a little different next year.


Photo by Dan Tabar 

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