Phoenix Fashion Week: Day 2

October 15, 2015

Although I am a couple weeks behind the rest of you Phoenix fashionistas, I am here to chat about the good, the bad, and the beautiful from Phoenix Fashion Week. I do love attending these type of events, and the fact that Phoenix is attempting to be on the radar during high fashion times. The effort is clear by Brian Hill and the rest of the Phoenix Fashion; but will they ever get to the status of NY and Paris? Who knows. Regardless, it gives us the excuse to get dressed up, gather friends, and support the local Fashion community. I had the opportunity to guest judge at the Model of the Year search back in May, so I felt extra excited and connected this year.

Three evenings were prepared, but I could only make Friday and Saturday night shows. Arriving with girlfriends by my side, I wore all black with dark lips (makeup by Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist) and a long polkadot scarf. Complete Fall vibes all weekend.

Part 2-118

Part 2-16

Part 2-103

Part 2-55

Part 2-91

Part 2-85

Part 2-87

Wearing Zara top and culottes, Zara heels, Zara scarf (does it seem like I like Zara?)

Photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)


Makeup by Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist


Girlfriends: Mia, Brianna, Shannon, Luela



Mike Spangenberg, State Forty Eight

OK, lets talk the designers.

Emerging Designers:



Photo by Dan Tabar

The designers shibori silk pieces were absolutely stunning to watch walk the runway on Friday night. Definitely a personal favorite of mine and Rachael was an absolute pleasure to chat with. I fell in love fast with the long silk dress, envisioning myself wearing it with a leather jacket draped over my shoulders. I also sensed a festival vibe with some of the pieces. I could see those shorts and tanks blazing through Coachella this April. I recently found out that Arae was picked up by Free People to sell her line of tie dyed winter accessories! How exciting for her! Best of luck to you Rachael, I am excited to work together and can see so much happening in your future.

Cute like mad and Lousy Rich both did not make me feel connected to their brand. The two felt very outdated and poorly accessorized.

Laura Tanzer

laura tanzer

Photo by James Almanza via Couture in the Suburbs

The designs had a mod sophistication to them and although they weren’t particularly my style, they were executed very well. There was one piece in particular that I was taken with, the striped pants. I would definitely have those hanging in my closet.

Michi Knitwear


Photo by James Amanza via Couture in the Suburbs (Model: Lexi Hart)

Although very well crafted and beautifully designed, I felt like these were made for an older generation. I can see a glimpse of someone wearing one of these knit dresses on a tropical island, but not quite for the everyday young woman.

Established Designers:

Dolcessa Swimwear


Photo by Dan Tabar

OK, we’re feeling it! This whole set really picked up the pace for us on Friday night. From the beautiful colors, to the stunning models, this show was a blast to watch. I was personally taken with the flowing bathing suit cover ups. The mixture of vibrant colors and patterns were almost getting me excited to start the 100 degree weather all over again (maybe). Dolcessa is a Phoenix Fashion Week 2013 alum; and although I didn’t get to view her collection back then, you can tell she has had a great amount of success since her big win.



Photo by James Amanza via Couture in the Suburbs

Yen blew us away at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014; and although he came back to Phoenix for another year on the runway, so were the same dresses. These dresses are without a doubt stunning and completely wearable for your everyday woman attending a black tie event but it would have been great to see something fresh from the designer this year.

Yas Couture



Photos by James Amanza via Couture in the Suburbs



Photos by Dan Tabar

Yas closed out Friday night’s show with some of the most stunning beaded gowns I’ve ever seen. My favorite designs were the dresses with capes. If this isn’t your fairytale couture dream than I don’t know what to tell you! Every dress was more stunning than the next and my friends and I were absolutely loving it. Bravo!

That’s a wrap for Friday nights show!  Stay tuned for my next look from Phoenix Fashion Week and all the emerging and established designer details.

Be Kind,