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July 23, 2015










Photos by Jordan Moore
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Last Sunday, JJ and I were invited for an afternoon of relaxation and pampering at We Do Men, a spa for men. Although this spa is exclusive to men only, (unless accompanied by one) I was given the all-access pass to come check it out. I did a little research before the big day and found the concept to be quite genius. Stacy pokes fun at the well known, “happy ending,” and brings a fun twist to her spa menu. Can you say… whiskey and tequila? Yup, I said it. The #BoozeandTaboos menu! Inspired and designed by owner, Stacey Grondahl; this spa was created with the male in mind to bring you an experience like no other. You will get just that. The interior of the spa is surrounded by bold colors and unique paintings from local artists (I love that!) and designed for the classic male. Think man cave.

As a woman and someone who absolutely loves going to the spa; I’ll be honest when I say that women of the world have taken over the beauty industry with our girly décor and feminine style of treatments. I love it, but do men?  Stacy has created a space where men can be men, and still get the manhandling that they need and deserve.

Ladies, this is the perfect gift for your favorite guy!

About the services. I had the 80 minute full body massage, which was heavenly; and JJ started off having a What A Prick facial by the boss lady herself. This facial was featured in American Spa Magazine 2014 and JJ’s face felt amazing after. Before our treatments, we had the option of picking our tunes from a few classic men. I went with Elvis and JJ chose Frank Sinatra. I really loved that personalized touch! I also planned to have the What A Prick facial but due to sun damage on my forehead and some scarring, Stacey recommended that I get The Pumpkin Sake Bomb. I am so glad I did the peel because my face felt amazing and I could really see the scars fading. What I loved the most about this peel is due to the pumpkin additive, your skin does not actually peel or if it does, only a small amount. I peeled slightly around my nose a day or two after.

Overall, this was a great experience and we had a wonderful time getting to know Stacey and her spa. She was kind enough to walk us through all the details, make us feel at home and introduce us to some amazing new products. We will definitely be back!






We Do Men
4375 N. 75th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Next door to BRKFST.CO
spa 480-686-8538 • txt 661-472-0492
Business Hours
Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm

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