Coachella: Day 2

May 5, 2015













Top: Finders Keepers Label, Bottom: Finders Keepers Label, Shoes: Skechers (no longer available, another sandal option here), Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Crown: Clutch Crowns, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Backpack: Culture Riot

Would you believe me if I said my husband and I did not purposely mean to be denim divas together on day two of Coachella? I probably wouldn’t either. It just so happened that we both decided to choose denim on denim as an outfit and neither one of us wanted to give it up. Therefore, we opted to wear them on the same day.  No shame in our game. Although you can’t quite compete with a girl in a gold crown.

Although this was my first time going to Coachella, I knew my style wasn’t going to be flower crowns and bohemian (just not me). Instead, I traded the flower crown for a clutch crown. So does that mean I am the kind of girl who would normally wear a crown? Absolutely not. But these crowns are different. These crowns are special. Clutch Jewelry/Clutch Crowns are handmade and individually created by owner, designer, and Phoenix native, Stacy Eden. Once you hold one of her pieces in your  hand, you can feel the passion and quality in Stacy’s artistry. Her creative mind is amazing to witness in person, making something so simple as a beautiful metal belt and giving it the option to be worn as a shoulder piece as well. Completely mind-blowing. Like the runway and large events, Coachella is the perfect place to wear your Clutch Crown. Not only do they add an extra element to your look, but it makes you stand out from everyone else.  I am so excited to see whats next for Stacy and better yet, the options for next year 🙂

Saturday was the most crowded day out of the entire 3-day weekend. The same day we decided it was a great idea to get as close to the stage as we could for Flosstradamus. I had never heard them before Coachella; and they definitely have graced the presence of my Ipod since then, but boy was that an experience. Imagine being shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers when the two DJs tell the crowd to form two mosh pits as they played their popular song, Mosh Pit. Yup, I felt way too old for that; and scared for my life. After spending 30 minutes trying to weave out of that crowd, we spent the rest of the evening back at the beer garden listening to great music from the grass. After Friday night of really enjoying ourselves, we took it easy on Saturday and mainly relaxed in the beer garden. My favorites were Hozier and The Weekend.

Day 3 coming soon!
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