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Nov 4, 2014

I was contacted via Instagram to sample a coffee body scrub by Scrubly, a company who just so happens to be based out of Arizona. I was especially excited to collaborate with this brand as I love to support and promote locally.

Like most women, I love a good trip to the spa. I have scheduled a facial every 4 weeks for over a year now to help maintain great skin (I know, I’m quite impressed as well). After a massage, facial or any other spa treatment; I like to keep the zen going at home. My go-to is a warm bath filled with bubbles while surrounded by candle light and oprah music. Yup, that happens. I’ve recently added this body scrub to my list since testing out the scrub. Made with all natural organic ingredients, it has my skin feeling extremely smooth and refreshed. For my followers, friends, fans, and family; I have a 10% off code for you: use LG10 when you check out at ScrublyScrub.com.

Some benefits of frequently using a body scrub:

1. Skin glow
2. Exfloiliation
3. Increasing flow
4. Improve cellulite and aging
5. Relaxation


GUESS WHAT! I have one package of Scrubly coffee body scrub to giveaway to one of my followers. The rules are simple to enter:

1. Must be following my blog (press the follow button at the top left of the screen) and Instagram, @whatlolalikes

2. Follow @scrublyscrub on Instagram

3. Must reside in the USA (sorry about that!)

4. Make sure to comment below or in my instagram post so I know you have official entered

*Giveaway ends: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.

Good luck and happy scrubbing!

Photos by: Luela Kaba Photography, @seecaptureprint

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