San Francisco Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race

Oct 3, 2013

Some days, I wish I was still living in San Franicsco. All cozied up in our large antique furnished  one-bedroom apartment on Polk Street. Although we were paying $2,200 a month to live there… looking back, it was well worth it. The gorgeous views, climate change, and all the amazing friendships I made throughout the years makes me look back with such joy and memories.
Don’t get me wrong, I am really starting to fall for Phoenix; but the amount of events that take place are uncomparable to life in the dessert.
For those of you who are currently living in the bay area or perhaps looking to travel there next month, I have a great event for you! It is called the Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race! This event will take place on November 2nd, located on Treasure Island. It is a 4 mile, 25+ obstacle race, with gorgeous bridge and skyline views, that highlights team work and the community.
$5 of every registration goes to Project Open Hand, to feed sick and elderly in the Bay area. It should be an inspirational and fun-filled day, with an event party that includes local beer and a band!
I wish I could be present for this event, but I am committed to running my own half marathon in Arizona the following day… but join me in training and help support such a great local cause!

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And most importantly, invite your friends to join in on this amazing cause!
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You can register for this event through the Ultimate Towner website.
*Use promo code LOCALSF to get $20 off your registration fee between now and 10/13!

Happy Running!!