Interview with The Bella Twins: Fitness, Health & Careers

Sep 30, 2013

Nicole and Brianna Garcia-Colace, aka the Bella Twins of the WWE are two of the most incredible women I know. Not only are they gorgeous on the outside but equally just as beautiful skin deep. They have been working so hard to get to where they are today and make no plans to slow down anytime soon. Their motivation is inspiring.
I know I am not the only person who has noticed how incredibly fit and healthy these two are. But, what is their secret? Although they are very busy on the road, as a family member, I got the opportunity to ask them a couple questions you all are probably thinking too…
L: So many people look up to the wwe divas because not only are you successful wrestlers and amazing entertainers, but you are inspiring women.
What is your greatest personal accomplishment to date?
B: I never give up and I live with no regret. At times I thought I got myself into a corner, but to find another door opening. When people told me I couldn’t do something, I used that to fuel my inner fire. Unfortunately I don’t have a college education, but that wasn’t going to stop me from success. I’ve succeeded in a business that’s considered a man’s world; and that right there is my greatest accomplishment.
N: My greatest personal accomplishment today is not only continuing my education but staying happy and drug free. In my career we rarely get to see home and family, and family is so important to me. My greatest personal accomplishment is staying happy while I’m living this crazy life. I am always making sure to see family, to spend time with my man, to enjoy countries when I’m overseas and even take advantage of completing college courses while being on planes throughout the week.  There is so much to do and see in this world. The last thing I want to do is be lazy or not take advantage of what this world has to offer.
L: Professional accomplishment?
B: Wow there are so many!! The biggest accomplishment was winning the Diva’s Championship. It’s the greatest honor as a Diva. It’s a pay off for all the days we are gone and all the hard work we put in.
N: I would say winning the WWE Divas Championship bc the company had faith in me that I could represent the Divas and that I was a role model. That moment that I knew I was going to win was a reward to myself for all the hard work I had put in. Not only all my hard work I put in the ring but outside the ring at charity events and overseas with our military. All the work we did outside of the ring put an incredible smile on my face. In the end I do what I do for my fans, not only do I give to them but they give to me. They make me feel accomplished and loved.
L: Future goals?
B: To let the world see more of my creative side behind the camera. Build a Bella Empire and of course to become a wife and a mother.
N: To take over the world Bella style! 😉 And with taking it over I mean to have more Championship reigns, TV Shows, Movies, Bella Products, and even more appearances! 🙂
LYou are both in amazing shape, how do you get your workouts in while you are on the road? Do you have a simple work out routine if you only have 10 minutes to spare?
B: Thank goodness for Yelp because four to five days a week I’m looking for a gym. If I don’t have much time and my hotel doesn’t have cardio available, I do lunges, standing squats and abs in my hotel room.
N: 30 mins of cardio, 300 abs, 50 squats, 50 lounges, 20 push-ups. If I stick to that even in hotel gyms my core stays fit.
LHow do you keep yourself from eating the sweets and consuming those extra calories?
B: WILL POWER! It’s the worst I know, but I always tell myself how bad Ill feel after indulging. Then later on Ill think to myself, “I’m sooo happy I didn’t eat that because I feel great!”
N: My man! Ha ha! He helps me out the most! But when he isn’t there I think of TV and the extra pounds it will add. I still like to enjoy life and choose to cheat once a week… sometimes more :0
LWhat is your take on clean eating?
B: Clean eating isn’t just about your physical looks, but most importantly it’s about your health and longevity. Clean eating prevents so many health issues and truly gives you a long prosperous life. And not to mention you’ll look the best as well. Win win situation.
N: It’s important to be healthy. You live happier and longer! And feel better. Grilled chicken, fish and veggies are my besties. And brown rice at lunch. And you can never ever drink enough water. That’s the secret to perfect skin and smooth legs!
LDo you have any secrets to staying fit and healthy?
B: Consuming as many vegetables as possible. Allowing a cheat day a week. Not dieting but creating a healthy lifestyle. At least one active thing a day. Ill consider walking my precious pup Josie as exercise. Lastly drink plenty of water, it’s so important.
N: Cheat one meal a week. Drink lemon water when you are bloated. Stay away from carbs at night and eat your veggies!!!

If you haven’t had the chance to tune into Total Divas on E! I suggest you catch up on the first episodes of season 1. Season 1.5 will air on November 17th on Sunday’s at 9pm.


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