Takara Sake Tasting, USA in Berkeley

Feb 28, 2013

On Sunday, JJ and I spent the afternoon tasting sake at Takara Sake USA, Inc. and viewing their small museum in Berkeley. On countless occasions, JJ and I often order Sapporo and a hot sake during our sushi dates; but we would have never guessed the amount of time it takes to make the alcoholic Japanese beverage. I now have a new appreciation while sipping sake at dinners. Made from fermented rice; sake brewing is very specific, scientific and takes weeks to make. A fun day date, learning something new in an unexplored territory by the Garcia’s.
Learn about the sake production from a short video describing the story of sake brewing, then take a short self-guided tour to see the exhibit of the historical sake-making process, sake artifacts and implements collected by Takara Sake USA. Conclude your day with some sake tastings! $5 per course per person (about 5 tastings).