Kale Chips

February 5, 2013

A clean healthy recipe I had been itching to try ever since I heard about these addicting “chips.” I had purchased a bag a few weeks ago and attempted to make them right before walking out the door to bring Lucy for a walk. Big mistake. Not only did I not have any idea how to make them, but I also ruined my baking sheet by burning them to pieces. Hearing about how much people love these and how easy they really are to make, I purchased another bag and gave it a second try. You can use any ingredients you love to make your favorite chips. I went with olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic. Send me your favorites!
Plan to stick around the kitchen as these kale leaves crisp into crunchy chips in a matter of minutes and become your new addiction. I ate mine is an estimated 2 minutes. I even attempted to add some to a small baggie for a weekday snack… they were gone 2 seconds later.
Health fact: Are you looking to detox your skin? The large amounts of Vitamin C in kale plays a huge part in anti-aging. 
Recipe original taken from Divas Can Cook.
Need: Baking Sheet and Parchment paper
Olive Oil
Preheat oven to 350
Wash and dry kale thoroughly. Make sure kale is COMPLETELY dry.
Tear kale from the steam into bite size pieces.
Place into a bowl and drizzle with olive oil
Toss kale to get the leaves coated in olive oil and balsamic.
Place the kale in a single layer on a piece of parchment paper or tray.
Let the vinegar air dry onto the kale.
Place the kale back into a bowl and toss with olive oil just until the leaves are lightly coated. Do not saturate with olive oil.
Place the kale on a cookie sheet in a single layer.
Sprinkle very lightly with salt.
Bake for 5 minutes. Check the kale and toss if needed.
Bake for another 5 minutes.
Remove the kale chips that are already crisp so they don’t burn. The larger Kale chips will more than likely need more cooking time. If so, place them back into the oven and check on them every minute. It should only take 1 or two minutes for the larger ones to crisp up.
When done kale should be crispy, browned around the edges with pale green color.
Serve immediately.