White Chocolate Raspberry, QuestBar

It’s official. I have been extremely MIA lately. Due to packing for the big move, everything going wrong in the process, and lack of internet… I have not been able to blog until today. In case you were unaware, JJ and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona two weeks ago. So far… it’s hot. I think after living in San Diego, NYC, and San Francisco for 4 1/2 years; we were ready to settle away from the big cities. In the process of getting back into our routine, we are now starting to feel at home. We have a lot more space (3 story townhome), saving $650+ in rent from San Francisco. That in itself, makes us so happy. You will hear about our upcoming adventures around Phoenix, more food posts and sharing the healthy lifestyle this city brings. 

Before the big move, Quest Nutrition sent me a random confirmation e-mail including a shipment of two samples of the new flavor. What?? You mean I get to test these out before anyone even knows their is a new flavor around the corner?? When I recieved the box a couple days later, the packaging was black. Wow, these really are new! I dug right into the White Chocolate Raspberry questbar. This bar is extremely creamy, with great texture and are very easy to eat. It’s not dry like a select few of the protein bars. A mixture of fruit and chocolate gives you a great dessert, snack, or morning indulgence that doesnt leave you feeling guilty. A great addition to the questbar family. This bar reminds me a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough texture. I will definetely purchase these in the store! 

From the Quest Blog, “The perfect blend of rich white chocolate chunks and succulent raspberries gives you the ultimate flavor celebration! With 20g of protein, a pinch of elegance, and an amazing taste, White Chocolate Raspberry is ready become your favorite new dessert, snack on-the-go or post workout meal.” 

Are you excited to test the new flavor?