Arizona Counselor Recommendations

Mar 16, 2022

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The below counselors have been recommended by followers through Instagram. I only have had personal experience with one of them. I would also recommend contacting your insurance to see what available options you have before contacting ones out of your network.

A reminder: Self love/care should take priority. I know it is not always easy to do but I would recommend setting yourself up with the tools before you need it. You can’t take care of others before taking care of yourself.

Scottsdale, AZ

  • Therapy with Heart 
  • Alicia Bindenagel, Pathways 
  • Katrina Martinez 
  • Gena Kohner, Revive Counseling and Wellness 
  • Kathy Infield
  • Renee Cunningham
  • Morgan Francis
  • Rosalie Hydock, ChangePoints LLC 
  • Brough Stewart 
  • Jennifer Cecil (Christian Counselor) 
  • Julie Ohlinger 

Phoenix, AZ

  • Robin Potter, Biltmore Psychology 
  • Victoria Munoz
  • Laura Walton, Phoenix Center for Grief and Trauma 
  • Michelle Gallagher, Around the Corner Counseling 
  • Julie Espinoza Malm 
  • Erica Simmons- The Grounding Hour (Child Therapist) 
  • Heather Wheeler, LCSW Biltmore Psychology & Counseling 
  • Maryann Lanzilotta 
  • Courtney Bassett, A Chosen Perspective 
  • Trish Kelly, Life in Motion 
  • Kristin Wyse 
  • Janae Munday
  • Open Path Collective 
  • James Rodis 
  • Beverly Mahaffey 
  • Kelly Gutowski 
  • Thrive Therapy 
  • Jennifer Holmes 

Tempe, AZ

  • Ben Meyer, Harbor Counseling 
  • Desert Rain Behavioral Health Services 
  • Find Your Shine 
  • Mollie B, Journeys Counseling 
  • Veronica, Soul Therapy 

Gilbert, AZ

  • Family Works, recommended Rachel 
  • Evolve Counseling 
  • Heather Adams 
  • Terri Roman 
  • Dr. Lynda Vaterlaus 
  • Nicole Heim 

Chandler, AZ

  • Amy Hesler
  • Britt Brennan

Mesa, AZ

  • Purposeful Life Counseling

Fountain Hills, AZ

  • Kelly Carlson

Carefree, AZ

  • Daniela Roher

Tuscon, AZ

  • Janet Summers
  • Alice Steinfield

Prescott, AZ

  • Angela Seesholtz

Peoria, AZ

  • Becoming Transformed
  • Barbara Plourd

Glendale, AZ

  • Robyn Tennyson


  • Armando Grijalva


  • Smallwood Behavioral Health
  • Danielle Gordon (CA residence)


  • Leslie Relkin

Online-only Options

  • Linda Hudnall 
  • Lish Shipman from Lish Wellness (virtual but AZ local) 
  • Crisis Preparation and Recovery 
  • Dr. Tara Canarapen 

xoxo, Lola