Living in an Airbnb for 3 weeks

October 15, 2020

A few weeks before we moved from our old 1900 sq. ft house to our now home, I started to talk with our designer about future house renovations. She highly recommended doing floors/painting before we moved in as it would make the process so much easier. I instantly panicked. Not only did we not have the option to rent our old house back but we had to be out within 3 days of closing. How can we do this? With two kids? Do we move in and do it later? There were so many questions going through my head and I didn’t know where to start.

Long story short. We decided to move all our belongings into our garage, move in the bare minimum for 2 weeks (mattress on the floor, one chair in the living room), and stay in a local Airbnb while we had the floors done, rooms painted, and some demo work done for the kitchen remodel coming up.

I wanted to share some images of us in the space, because it truly was the best 3 week experience. I couldn’t imagine attempting to stay at a hotel, friends house, or any other location for that length of time with kids. The airbnb was a seriously comfortable home away from home and truthfully .. we were all sad to leave.

This particular Airbnb has 4 bedrooms (1 king, 2 queens, and 1 twin bed rooms), gated pool, entertainment (fireplace outside, lounge area, pool table, multiple TVs) and a fully equipped kitchen. We barely brought anything from our kitchen to the airbnb (just kids stuff, my George foreman, and instant pot). I wanted to share this because if you’re ever in a similar situation and need a comfortable place to stay while you renovate your house (or are visiting AZ and want an Airbnb/VRBO to stay in… this is a great option!) Also: usually places give a deal for longer stays. xo!

Photos by Amaes Photography

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