Alice Jude: 2 Year Update

September 30, 2020

I know I’m only a month late on this blog post, yet I do feel I get a pass this time around due to current life events (moving, moving again, renovations). So, here we go.

Miss Alice turned 2 years old on August 30th and we celebrated with close family and friends at our old house with a large frozen 2 bounce house, swimming, and easy food. We moved two weeks later, so I wanted to keep the celebration simple (COVID and all). Alice had a great time.


So Alice actually never took a bottle. Since she was such a great little eater, she went from breastmilk (stopped at 16-17 months) to nothing.


Horses, Dogs, and anything Frozen related. She is a big fan of Anna but she can’t live without her dog lovey.


We haven’t crossed this bridge yet and truthfully not planning to start until we are in the new house again and feel a little more settled. We have been all over the place and I’m honestly not ready myself. Our pediatrician did say she seemed ready at her two year check up. Mom’s not though so maybe in a month or two when life seems a little more calm.


I know for a fact that 3’s are harder than 2’s (in my experience with Vivienne) but Alice doesn’t have too much tantrums to be honest. She more has issues with her older sister taking something from her or if she gets hurt, she will want mom/paci/doggie.

Can you believe her hair is still so blonde?

I love it so much and fits her so well. Who would have thought JJ and I would have a little blonde hair and blue eye girl.

How does she compare to V at this age? 

Alice is way more cuddly than Vivienne was. She wants to snuggle when she wakes up, before bed, and is just a little bit more lovey dovey with us than Vivienne was. Vivienne felt more independent early on. Vivienne and Alice both have a love for music, dancing, movies, books, etc. so they do have a lot of common interests. It’s cute to see even similarity in movies. Vivienne used to be obsessed with Moana around Alice’s age and now Alice is sharing that same obsession. Both are pretty girly girl- Alice way more feisty. Vivienne is more tender hearted and won’t just hit someone where Alice throws punches immediately.


Alice has always been a great sleeper from the start. We made changes from kid one to kid two and I can really see that paying off with Alice. We put her down awake (8pm) from the very beginning and she sometimes asks for “night night”. She has a great relationship with sleep- has never missed a nap and is on schedule (1pm-3-3:30pm). She wakes anytime between 6:30am-7:00am.

Does she climb out of her crib yet? When will you transition? 

She doesn’t at all. Vivienne was late to doing this too but I will more than likely follow the same routine I did with Vivienne and keep her in her crib as long as she will. Once she does, will transition to her convertible crib, and then big girl bed (will be eventually sharing room with Vivienne).

Do you have baby fever? 

I have moments of baby fever. We get this question quite often in regards to baby #3. I just love being pregnant, the newborn stage, and raising little personalities. Yet, it’s also A LOT and I’m super happy with my two girls. Baby fever I don’t believe will ever go away to be honest.

Is she using a pacifier? 

She does. She loves her pacifier. I haven’t decided wen we are going to transition her off of it either. Clearly, I don’t plan very well.

How do A and V get along? 

They fight a lot and love a lot. They are sisters so they will always have that constant battle with sharing and wanting to be next to each other even if they prefer to be alone in that moment. It’s really cute to watch.

How is her speech? 

She turned two and her speech has FLOURISHED. I really need to show you guys more on stories because she talks so much. I love it.

Advice on milestones? 

I have a blog post on this- remember that every child is different and conquer milestones at their own pace.

Fav disney princess? 

Anna- Frozen, Maui- Moana

Is she still in a sleep sack?

She’s not. This was something I randomly took away one day and never looked back. She didn’t even notice.

What activities is she currently in?

She is in swim and dance class once a week. We recently signed her and Vivienne up for a weekly multi-sport class starting in October. This will be soccer, baseball, etc. Should be super cute and they will be in the same class.

Will she go to the same preschool as V?

Yes, we will enroll her for mini 3’s and next year will be her first year. Vivienne loves it and I think it’s so important for development to start early (IMO).

Does she still eat well?

She has always been a great eater. She has had more moments of being picky as of late to be honest but I know that just comes with 1. following Vivienne’s lead 2. being a toddler.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was interesting to you whose children are in the same milestone as Alice. xo!