Pacifier Weaning Tips with Building Blocks Family

July 15, 2020

So, I know we haven’t weaned the pacifier from Alice. I also haven’t made a plan on WHEN this is going to happen (We currently use Tommee Tippee Ultra-lite silicone pacifier, Code LOLA20 for 20% off). Yet, when we initially had this conversation, I received many followers looking for information on weaning. I reached out to Chelsea of Building Blocks Family to see if she could give more insight on weaning for those interested in learning the process.

Tips per Chelsea Kunde (Building Blocks Family):

“I love a paci! Babies are comforted by sucking and a paci can be great for that! The best is when they learn to grab their own. When that happens, I would sprinkle several in the crib so they can find them easily at night time. 
Tip: Do not become the Paci Rescuer. Meaning if they spit it out, pause for a moment before giving it right back, they will learn faster to keep it in.” 

“Between 6 months and a year, I suggest Paci use mainly for sleeping. If sick or travel, I would give it to him/her as well. However, when you have good boundaries round the paci only used for sleep, it helps to lower the dependence and also is a motivator for sleep. Kiddos want the paci and this is could be encouraging for a smooth bedtime and nap time.”

Ideal age to get rid of the paci? “Based on research, development and speaking to some dentists, I believe anytime before 3 is reasonable. We weaned my daughter from her paci a week before she turned 3!
Tip: Before you get rid of the paci, come up with a solid plan. Prep the toddler or baby. Do a countdown calendar. They can even help you by throwing a paci away each day until there are none left!

What are ways to get rid of the pacifier?

Idea #1: “Personally, we did a countdown calendar, had my daughter throw away pacifiers until we were left with her favorite, and then we went to Build-a-Bear and put her paci in a bear.

Idea #2: “Another idea to do is the Paci fairy or giving pacis away to a new baby. Gather up the pacis and place into a bag. Leave outside their door at night and in the morning have a big kid gift waiting for them for giving up their pacifiers.” 

Idea #3: “Simply have them throw them away in the trash and say bye bye! It will really signify to them that the paci is gone.” 

Idea #4: “You can cut the tip (make sure nothing will come off) and typically they don’t like that. And you can tell them the paci is broken.

Tip: “Whatever method you do, make sure to follow through and don’t turn back. If you turn back, it will be harder the next time you try and will be very confusing for the child.” 

Tip #2: “If your child has a hard time falling asleep without the paci, try and replace it with a comfort object like a blanket or stuffed animal. Give it time 3-7 nights. Be consistent in your routine and approach. Let them feel the change and come out the other side.

I hope these ideas and tips are helpful to those of you interested in weaning your toddlers off a pacifier. If you have anymore questions, feel free to check out Chelsea’s instagram for many more tips on baby, toddler, and family.