The 7 Day Hair Cleanse

November 5, 2019

Written by Tara Hainsworth

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Have you ever wondered “how often do I wash my hair?” Or “How many days a week should I be avoiding heat?” These are two popular questions I hear so often when someone learns that I am in fact a Hair Designer. Almost immediately these questions happen directly after “Wow, can I ask you about my hair?” 

I have had so many opportunities to help educate women on proper hair care and I enjoy it so much! There are so many aha moments that always surprise me when teaching someone about basic hair care and it’s become obvious to me that this education is so needed! It’s hard for people to access the proper at home hair care education so I’ve come up with a solution. 
It all starts with The 7 Day Hair Cleanse, a daily breakdown of how to take care of your hair. It answers the basic question “What do I do with my hair today?” And “How many times a week do you recommend I wash my hair?” And so many more. Follow my daily/ weekly at-home hair care and hair styling guide The 7 Day Hair Cleanse. 

I’ve used my years of experience to come up with a great schedule that you can begin to follow and trust me your hair will thank you! Check out the link to download your own copy and I can’t wait to be apart of your at-home hair care journey.  

I have an online education course called Basically Hair that is coming soon! I will be taking you deeper into this topic and giving you many of my tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. I’ll even be doing my own hair with you to help give you the perspective of doing your own hair in your bathroom.
Enjoy a sneak peek…

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I’m Tara Hainsworth, Mama, Hair Designer, Salon Owner, Hair Educator. I look forward to helping women with their hair knowledge and hair goals, business ownership support and most importantly sharing in the joy of motherhood.