Tips for Exercise Funk

April 10, 2019

I won’t lie, exercise had been more challenging for me this time around. There are some days that came easier than others, but the motivation to walk out the door and replace time spent working or being away from my kids had been my biggest struggle. So, I didn’t do it. I made an excuse and thought to myself, “I’ll work out tomorrow.” Every day after that, I’d convince myself of the same excuse or did a quick run around the block and the workout remained …. difficult. I think we have all been there. So, how did I get myself out of this funk? 

  1. Motivation from partner/friends 
  2. Personal goals 

You may have just said duh out loud… but it’s exactly that. It’s not a hard concept. First, JJ has been SO motivating for me to see the change in his body the last 9 months. Watching him take the time out of his day to make sure he goes to the gym, also makes me want to do the same. If you want to get your partner to start exercising… be that role model and more than likely, they will want to jump on board (without you telling them to). Second, my goals aren’t to have a specific body type or goal weight, but to feel confident in my own skin. For me, this means looking in the mirror naked and being proud of my accomplishments. I remind myself that I just had a baby not even 8 months ago, have two children, and THIS IS HARD and its OK. Give yourself grace! Third, walk out the door and DO IT. We can sit and have a million excuses every day, but if you just force yourself to go, you’ll feel amazing after your workout and each day will get easier and easier. For me this time around, attending a class has been extremely motivating for me. Sure, I can walk into a gym… and I do have a gym membership… but I know I am more likely to walk on a treadmill while scrolling Instagram than actually putting in the work by myself. So, for me… personal training with John Peel and barre3 have been my go-to for work outs. I know not everyone can make the time to attend classes, but there are so many online platforms that can allow you to do a class from home. You got this! 

Xoxo, Lola