Podcast Recommendations

March 1, 2019

Hey guys! Today, I am introducing something new to the blog. Something that will co-exist with my Instagram story chats or follower recommendations so you can refer back to a specific topic anytime (and not just live on IG story for 24 hours). These are quick thoughts, discussions, and updates as far as the girls/my life. I think this will make me feel less anxious to get a full post together and just speak freely on a daily/weekly basis. Even if it’s just a quick comment or giving some feedback about what you all recommended (example: what to use on rug for dog pee or like this one: podcast recommendations). So, hello to the first HEY GUYS post. Thank you to those of you who suggested this name, you’re brilliant. 

I have been super into podcasts lately. It all started with My Favorite Murder and has evolved to all the topics. I am currently subscribed to: 

  • My Favorite Murder (listen and love but have to be in the murder mood). 
  • Armchair Expert (my personal favorite. Enjoy listening on road trips with JJ) 
  • Unruffled (Parenting advice from one of my favorites) 
  • Breaking Beauty (Haven’t listened yet) 
  • How I Built This (Haven’t listened yet) 
  • 30 for 30 (Haven’t listened yet) 
  • Conan O’Brien needs a friend (He’s hilarious) 
  • Rise Podcast (Haven’t listened yet) 
  • Second Life (Started listening today and loved it) 
  • Good to be Home (Arizona couple talking about all the things)
  • We Heard What (Because… Danielle Bernstein)

Recommendations from you: 

  • Dirty John 
  • Modern Love 
  • Valley 101, local Arizona podcast 
  • Mom Brain 
  • Forever 35 
  • Mom is in Control  
  • Whine down – Janna Kramer 
  • Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe 
  • Lady Gang
  • Shameless Mom Academy 
  • Serial 
  • Crime Junkie 
  • Dr. Death 
  • Over my Dead Body  
  • COLD! 
  • Mama Said 
  • Sword and Scale 
  • I don’t get it 
  • Coffee convos 
  • Oprah’s supersoul conversations 
  • One Bad Moment 
  • No Ego 
  • The Drop Out 
  • Call her Daddy 
  • The Teachers Pet 
  • On Purpose