2018 Gift Guide: For Littles

November 27, 2018

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the Holidays this year. Last year, Vivienne was a little over a year when she opened up her new toys on Christmas morning. Her expressions were priceless and loved spending the day being pushed around in her new car. I can only imagine how much fun she is going to have this year, and each year going forward with Alice. As parents, there is nothing better than watching Christmas through the eyes of your children, no matter how you choose to celebrate. To me, the most important thing is creating special moments and traditions that you and your family look forward to.

You requested me to create a gift guide post for kids, and although I would love to be able to include options for every age… I can only speak from my experience and that is babies and toddlers. So, I apologize if this post doesn’t speak to you.

For Babies

I know we didn’t do a ton of gifts for Vivienne when she was two months old, as she was really young and wouldn’t remember it anyway. I think this is a great time to give a developmental gift to a baby where he/she can grow into using it as well as some personalized items that she may not one day appreciate as much as you do. I’ve decided to get Alice a piggy bank, teach my baby learning kit, a personalized Christmas book, and first Christmas ornament this year. Just some cute keepsake items as she already has so many toys from Vivienne.

I’ve put together a Christmas list for babies via Amazon You can also shop my Amazon page, where I showcase everyday items used with my two girls (gift wise and for life).

For Toddlers

I asked my followers to send along some big ticket items they are planning to gift their kids this year. I wanted to include some “big gift” options as we are pretty set on what we are planning to get Vivienne and I understand that you need options. JJ really wants to get her a motorized car for outside, where I am stuck on a play kitchen for the playroom. We will probably get both for her with one being from us and the other from Santa. We are also planning to get a few smaller items like books, puzzles, pretend play items, and etc.


I’ve put together a Amazon Christmas list that you can reference for ideas, and gave a few options for play kitchens that were recommended from you. We personally went with the Chelsea all-in 1 kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids (currently on sale for $350). Happy Shopping and remember, your kids will be SO excited with whatever you end up getting them.

I hope this was helpful to you and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!