Postpartum Recovery: What You Need

October 8, 2018

Last Thursday marked 5 weeks postpartum, and 5 weeks of having sweet Alice in our lives. I no longer can remember what it was like before her and love knowing how perfect she has fit into our lives. Vivienne is doing SO good as a big sister and I can’t wait to share more details of our transition to two with you. Since we are still living it, the post is TBD… but don’t worry, it’s on my list.

I’m still catching up with what I’ve been wanting to share with you post Alice… and even pre-Alice. Trying to find balance over here, but it will happen.

Today’s blog post is all about postpartum recovery. I did two blog posts after Alice. One being about the birth story and the other answering some reader Q&A’s. I wanted to put together a list of necessary items that I found helpful to have in home after giving birth. So, here we go.

  1. Underpad– The first couple days are a little messy… in so many ways. What I’m really referring to is the heavy bleeding. After you give birth, an underpad is placed under you in bed and under the toilet in the restroom. I took a few extra home with me and put them in my own bed and under my toilet. It’s needed for the first couple days so you don’t ruin your bed sheets.
  2. Pads– Thick pads for heavy bleeding (I prefer wingless)
  3. Robe- I still have moments postpartum of sweating at night, but the first couple weeks… holy night sweats! I woke up soaked and FREEZING and then would have to get out of bed to feed Alice in the nursery. The first thing I would grab was a heavy robe to keep me warm. I really loved my sweatshirt robe that I purchased at the 1 hotel but will link some other heavy duty ones that can be just as great.

4. Squirt bottle– The one from the hospital is my absolute favorite one to use vs. the one from Frida baby. It’s a lot more controlled, simple, cheap, and efficient. I’ve linked it via amazon if the hospital doesn’t offer it.

5. Dermoplast– another item that I brought home from the hospital. A numbing spray that helps soothe the pain ‘down there’.

6. Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads– Can be purchased at any Walgreens or drug store. These are especially great for when you have hemmoroids, but even without, they really soothe the pain ‘down there.’

7. Comfortable clothing and underwear- I haven’t worn a thong since before Alice (due to the pads of course) and purchased some new comfortable underwear before she was born. The brief and boy shorts that I’ve linked here were my favorite.

8. Nursing bras– I had a couple nursing bras when I had Vivienne and have since used them after having Alice. My favorite bras are from boob design and loved the cami by Ingrid and Isabel that I linked above.

9. Gallon water bottle with thick straw– It’s important to have access to a lot of water postpartum, so a large water bottle with a thick straw is what I recommend.

10. Stool softener- I received mine at the hospital, but I know a lot of people have to continue to use them in order to “go” after birth. I went while in the hospital this time around and it was completely fine. Prepare and have some in the house though just in case. (Ask doctor for medication recommendation).

11. Nipple Cream– A good nipple cream is essential in the first month, but even more for the first-time mom. With the right nipple cream, the pain of breastfeeding only lasted a few days for me this time around. I was prescribed an RX brand but have heard great things about the one I’ve attached. I also recommend using these shell cups at night to allow the treatment to work and air it out.

12. Rest- an essential part of healing after giving birth. Prepare your partner or someone who is helping you to take over some of the household tasks while you rest. It’s essential this person continues to fill your water jug and make you food!! If that is difficult in your household (zero judgement) then maybe have your friend create a meal calendar so friends can visit and bring food, a win win for everyone.

What did I miss?