35 WEEKS PREGNANT (2nd Round)

Aug 1, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 35 weeks!  
Size of baby:18.2in & 5.3 lb, size of a small spaghetti squash
How many days to go: 35
Best moment of this week: Watching V at the Tampa Zoo and Disney for the first time. 
Miss anything: The ability to eat and drink whatever I want. 
Movement:Yes! So much movement. 
Food cravings: Ice cream or some treat at night after dinner, always. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:Nothing.
Have you started to show yet:Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: Doctors appointment on Thursday. Going to be going every week after this week- which is so crazy. Can’t handle how soon it is all happening. Baby shower charity event on August 11th. I’ve been really wanting to do this ever since finding out I was having another girl. It was something that came to mind when I was looking at Vivienne and so grateful for what we’ve been able to give her. So many women are in situations where they can’t and it is so difficult to think about. I want to bright light to this situation and have women support and show up for other women.

Q/A of the week:

How do you feel knowing its your last pregnancy? I have mixed emotions about it. Of course, as you know, I love being pregnant … but I’m also excited to just live life and raise these beautiful girls.

Strong cravings? Sweets for sure.

When did you deliver V? Early? Late? Induced? Read all about my birth story here.

How are you sleeping? I sleep OK. Probably should have invested in a maternity pillow early on. I feel less crampy then the first pregnancy though.

Do you and JJ have a system for nighttime, diaper changes, etc? Take turns or shifts? JJ is with V from when she wakes up from her nap to when I get home from work. Therefore, its become a routine where I put her to bed at night. We have started to have JJ do it as I won’t be able to be with both baby and V at night and I want her to get used to us both doing the deed. As far as diaper changes… whoever smelt it… dealt it. We don’t really take turns. Someone just takes initiative or one person asks the other to do it and we do it. There shouldn’t be a tally on what we do and how often we do it.

Are you nesting? The nursery is a mess… but it will get done. Totally nesting.

How are you feeling? I honestly feel great. Some aches in my lower back and groin, which is normal, but overall I feel really good.

What is your fear with having #2? That life is about to get even more crazy than it already is.

How are you dealing with the heat? I’m actually OK. I don’t mind the heat and personally would rather be warm than cold. I am also happy to layer light clothing wise vs. having to get a bunch of stuff for winter months.

What do you most want to accomplish in the next 5 weeks? Ahh, good question. Honestly, just getting the house completely organized. It’s what makes me feel calm and happy. Mainly, making sure bills are set up, nursery and house is organized to a T.

How do you think V will be with the new baby? Vivienne LOVES her baby cousin Madison, so I have high hopes that she will be equally in love… maybe too much. haha. I presume she will be a little stalker.

Will you be receiving an epidural again? Thats the plan.

What are you anticipating the most right now? Like V, she hid her face in the last ultrasound… so we had no idea what she would look like. Not even a little bit. So, I am SO excited to hold her in my arms and see what she looks like. I find it so fascinating with siblings… as some look NOTHING alike. I secretly hope she looks just like V, but then again, what if she looks nothing like her? So crazy to think.

Keep the questions coming every week!