20 weeks pregnant (Round 2)

April 18, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 20 weeks! Half way there!
Size of baby: 10in & 10.6oz, size of a Banana
How many days to go: 140
Best moment of this week: Cooking dinner with JJ and V.
Miss anything: Nope
Movement: Starting to feel movement, last night and today!
Food cravings: Just eating whatever I want, when I want. I have found myself eating healthier but still don’t weigh myself or worry about that.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: We found out the gender at 10.5 weeks but are since keeping it to ourselves until we decide to reveal. I know that is probably annoying to some, but this is our time to have something for ourselves for a bit.
Labor signs: None
Happy or moody most of the time: It’s pretty crazy how different you feel from the first trimester to second. From mood swings, bad skin, and feeling tired to all of a sudden feeling radiant and energized. It’s amazing what our bodies do… but its important to be mindful of this too. If you are in the first trimester, whatever you are feeling, it’ll pass! I am in the “I love pregnancy” phase right now.
Looking forward to: Feeling the baby kick, celebrating the official 7 year anniversary.

We both look so tan!

This weeks Q/A:

What brands are your favorite for maternity (yet affordable)? ASOS maternity, Ingrid and Isabel, Storq

What’s your opinion on coffee? I did decaf throughout the first trimester, then half decaf and half regular, and now I do one cup of regular in the morning. You can have caffeine, but just make sure you realize what else you are eating throughout the day.. aka raise your hand for chocolate!?

Are you having a baby shower this time around? TBD

When did you reveal the gender with Vivienne? I was probably about 15 weeks with Vivienne, and revealed it on JJ and my 5 year anniversary.

How do you manage to not feel guilty working all day and then doing something for yourself? Ah, good old mom guilt! This was in reference to my massage after work last night. I love this question and I have worked really hard to improve my mindset with this. Its hard you guys. I totally get that. I still struggle with this. Yet, JJ and I made an agreement to not only do things with each other but continue to live our lives as individuals. It’s important to see friends, have a meal without a toddler, get a massage, play a sport… etc. When JJ has something to do during the week, then its quality time for just Vivienne and I… and visa versa. When JJ and I want to go to dinner, its Vivienne being OK without mom and dad. There’s so much positive in every experience to be and although it is SO hard, its necessary… and the more you don’t do it, the harder it is.

Great gifts for a mom? A prenatal massage, exercise class, at home spa experience (bath bombs, tea, pregnancy safe products) See the YouTube video all about what Melissa of Citrine and I recommend… def the honey mud!

How do you stay in shape, while pregnant, raising a toddler, running a house hold, and working on your blog/social media? Ahh the question I don’t even know how to answer. You just do it… or at least attempt to do it all. There are some nights that I put my phone on my charger and watch TV with JJ, and other nights I stay up late finishing a blog post. I always clean up before bed and before I leave for work, and spend my mornings with Vivienne before the nanny gets there at 9. I try to get shoots in during the weekend and just do what I can. It’s not perfect, but it’s what I can do right now.

How do you think life will change with two babies? It makes me so happy to think about this. For a while, I couldn’t imagine it. Couldn’t imagine loving someone else other than Vivienne and JJ as much as I do. Sharing that love. Yet everyone tells me you just do. So, I am excited for the next chapter. It’ll be crazy, and an adjustment of course at first, but I believe if we continue to work as a team, we got this.

Will you retire the red tank after this pregnancy? This made me laugh. My immediate thought was, yup, going in the donation bin… but, shouldn’t I keep it? haha so monumental.

Feel free to continue to send questions for next week.