I’m PREGNANT! (Round 2)

Feb 26, 2018

If you didn’t see our BIG announcement on Wednesday…


Thank you so much for all the well wishes, kind words, and of course… following along with us on on this amazing journey to baby #2! The love we’ve received from this post was more than we could have asked for. We are SO excited!

With that said… yes, we were trying to get pregnant.

Let’s go back a bit. When Vivienne turned 6 months old, I got out of the, “this just rocked my world” mindset and started to get the bug for another baby. I know, crazy right? After only 6 months! I am pretty thankful that I shook off that craving and waited until the time we did as I can’t imagine having a newborn right now. JJ and I agreed that we would start trying when Vivienne turned one, since we didn’t know how long it could take to get pregnant this time around. So, on September 28th I went to the doctor and took out my IUD. Can we quickly talk about how painful it is to put IN an IUD? Umm… I almost fainted (and was so embarrassed as I just gave birth 6 weeks before) What a wimp! So, I was a little nervous to have it taken out… but luckily, NOT painful. That’s definitely one thing that people don’t talk about.

Let’s continue.

Vivienne turned one at the end of October and we were ready to start “trying.” Since having Vivienne the year prior, I still didn’t get a period. I think it was a combination of being on the IUD and breastfeeding/pumping.  Regardless, I wasn’t upset about it…until of course now since I wouldn’t be able to determine ovulation without it. The month of November came and  I still didn’t get a period. I grabbed a box of ovulation tests (which isn’t cheap) to determine the best days around the timeframe I assumed. The lines didn’t show much change so I figured that I just didn’t ovulate. During the month of December, I finally got my period. I was relieved (and miserable). First periods post pregnancy are the worst! On December 29th, I took a positive pregnancy test.

That morning was the first day of my missed period. I had a little bit of cramping so I assumed it would come at any moment. I ran to the store that morning to pick up a test. My dad was leaving to head back to Syracuse so I wanted to be sure I could tell him in person if it was positive. I got the test, came into the house, didn’t tell anyone what I was doing (even JJ) and went straight to the restroom. I was so eager but didn’t want to get my hopes up at the same time so keeping it to myself felt safer. I walked away from the test, went back to the room to chat with everyone and then leisurely came back to the restroom expecting to see, “NOT PREGNANT.” I picked up the test and my heart starting to race. “PREGNANT!” I couldn’t believe it. It happened so fast! I yelled for JJ to come into the room and I showed him the test, shaking with excitement. I walked into the room with everyone, asked my parents to stand by each other and casually handed over the test. My moms face was priceless. They were completely shocked.

WE’RE PREGNANT! Below is a photo from our first ultrasound!

As of now, I am 12 weeks. We found out we were pregnant and a week later we were off to San Diego to start filming for Total Bellas. I’ll go into more detail about how Ive been feeling this first trimester in another blog post, but will go ahead and answer some FAQ from you.

Do we know the sex? We found out the sex at around 11 weeks and will share the news with you soon.

Did you want a boy or a girl? As cliche as it is, we want a healthy baby. In the end, that’s all that matters. When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately wanted another girl. JJ felt the same. I mean, we are obsessed with Vivienne and how cute would sisters be? I had two girl dreams and had been leaning toward thinking it was a girl but couldn’t 100% say it wasn’t a boy either. I was very wrong with Vivienne. JJ had a boy dream and so he thought it was definitely a boy. Wait and see…

When do you plan to announce the gender? No set plans on when we will announce it.

Do you think it will be challenging taking care of 2? I think everything comes with its challenges but I have an idea now of what is in store for us this time around. I think it will be crazy at our house for a little bit until we get into the swing of things.

How do you think Vivienne will react? She’s a major mamas girl right now, so we will definitely have to work with her on time management but who knows when the time comes… she could be in another phase. She is honestly the sweetest girl so I think (and hope) that she will be an amazing big sister.

Are you sad this is your last pregnancy? I loved being pregnant with Vivienne. Once the hormonal acne subsided a little bit I was in heaven, so I am currently in the process of waiting for that to day to happen. Ask me this question at the end of my pregnancy.

How did you know you were ready for #2? We only want two kids so we thought to keep them closer in age rather than years apart. Plus, going through pregnancy, post pregnancy, newborn stage, breastfeeding, etc is a lot… so why not just get it over with since I just went though it?

How do you plan to prepare Vivienne for #2? Reading to her, talking about it with her all the time, saying baby, pointing to my stomach, etc. Happy to hear any tips that you have on this one!

Did you stop nursing before you got pregnant? Yes, I stopped nursing around 11.5 months.

Do you have any cravings this time around? Similar to last, carbs carbs and more carbs. Writing a blog post all about how I felt during the first trimester.

Have anymore questions for my next post? Feel free to leave it below or write it in my latest IG post. You can also expect to see a week by week update on this pregnancy. Stay tuned!