Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Nov 28, 2017

May Lindstrom, Honey Mud

My go-to face cleanser and mask for morning and evening. Literally, this is heaven and leaves your face feeling so smooth! 

Pajamas / Loungewear

Everyone loves a good pair of pajamas! Whether you are lounging at home, or traveling on vacation… you can never go wrong when gifting a cute pair of pajamas! 

Dainty Necklace

via Pixley Pressed

I love giving advice on what to shop for based on what my followers want and like. This satellite choker that I wore these past couple of months was a huge hit via Instagram. A good dainty choker is always a good option to buy a girl. It’s a must have! 


Sure, a purse can be cliché… yet, the right purse can make her jump up and down under the Christmas tree! I am a BIG fan of Oliveve Handbags – so this was a must have on my list. 

Tata Harper, Boosted Contouring Eye Mask 

All the tired mamas out there (but, don’t tell her she looks tired) This is the perfect gift to give a boost of energy under those eyes! Plus, a mama or not… extra eye care is always appreciated. 

Coffee Table Books

The staple for any coffee table. Your girl isn’t trendy and would rather look at cute puppies? There are options for those as well. 


The trend that has stuck around this year and I don’t see it going out of style anytime soon. 

Classic boot

You can’t go wrong with a classic boot. Playing it safe? Go black or leather. Not sure if she has something similar? Go bold. 

Veggie Bullet 

Know a girl that has a love for cooking? Or perhaps you want to give a gift that will make someone’s life a little easier for meal prep? The Veggie Bullet is the ultimate kitchen tool to gift this holiday season. With 3 functions (spiralizer, shredder, slicer), in 1 machine, The Veggie Bullet also comes with a bonus blender. What else would you need? Your home-cooked meal opportunities will have endless possibilities.

RMS Luminizer Gift Set

You know I love a good highlight, and let’s be honest… every girl does. This limited edition luminizer gift set features three full-size luminizers: living luminizer, magic luminizer, and never-before-released gold luminizer.