Guest Room Essentials with Hayneedle

November 21, 2017

I really wanted to create a space that was inviting and comfortable to our guests. The perfect little oasis for our friends and family to stay in while they came to visit Arizona. I’ll never lie and say this room was easy. It was the hardest room for me to make decisions for and complete in a timely manner. Hayneedle was more than generous in providing some pieces for us to make the vision come to life.

Not only is this room small in size but the walls have a brown paneling AND JJ works full-time from here as well. Therefore, I had to work around what we already had in this room without disrupting his flow and incorporate a comfortable guest room in the process.

So, what do we look for when it comes to creating an amazing space for our guests?

Give me all the cozy 

From the rug, to the mattress and comforter… it’s important to invest in pieces that will make your guests not want to get out of bed in the morning, or at least inquire about where you got your pillows.

A place to hang your hat

Earlier this year, we had Classy Closets come in and do a design and install to help us organize the closet. It turned out amazing and exactly what we hoped for. Although, it is there for guests, it’s been treated more like a second space for JJ and I. A place for him to hang his suits and for me to organize and prepare for photo shoots. Oh well… we adjust when people come 🙂

What’s your WIFI Password?

I am pretty sure everyone who enters the house doesn’t take another step before asking this question. We have our WIFI information already available to them on the nightstand for convenience.

Floor mirror

For a long time, guests would come into our bedroom to check their outfits as it was the only floor length mirror in the house. For the sake of our privacy, we thought this was a necessity to have in the guest room.

Personal touches

Photographs, Arizona Travel Magazines, and their own coffee mug to use in the morning… personal touches add an extra layer of comfort to the design.

Conversational pieces

These are the items that people will always ask about. Whether that’s the art on your walls or a statement rug, it’s fun to add pieces that you can talk about with your guests. For us, its the planters by MuddyHeart and Tapestry above the bed.


I absolutely love how this space turned out. Although, it is not picture perfect (the photos for the frames arrived late) and the computer wires are the death of me… I am fine with it because… it’s real life. You know I am all about sharing the realness with you. With my parents coming to visit next month, I am so happy to have this finished for them. JJ has also mentioned that he’s been enjoying the atmosphere much more since the room has been finished. So, this is a huge win for me! Comfort for all!

Bed: West Elm | Breakfast Tray: Hayneedle | Pillows: via Playroom design for Lifestyled Co. | Comforter: Amazon | Nightstands: Hayneedle | Planters: Muddyheart | Tapestry: LeLoBoho | Office desk: IKEA | Office Chair: Hayneedle | Mirror: IKEA | Rug: Hayneedle | Closet Design and Install: Classy Closets, Scottsdale | Luggage Stand: Hayneedle | Lamp: Hayneedle

Photos by @aMaes_photography