The Scott Resort

Aug 24, 2017

“Is that Vivienne in there?” The guy at valet asked as I was taking luggage out of the car. It took me by surprise as I immediately thought… how does he know her name? Then it clicked… genius PR! Moments like this were demonstrated throughout our entire stay; from customized photos of our family in our room to being called by our first name each place we went. The Scott Resort makes you feel quickly at home, and we couldn’t rave more about the comfort and service.

I arrived Saturday morning with the “entire gang” (baby, dogs, photographer, babysitter) to get started on a photoshoot while JJ played golf with friends. I only agreed to go alone to check-in with the crew if I could have a babysitter with me during the morning shift. So, alas… Amanda came too!

We were warned about a little construction still taking place at the resort, but truthfully, it didn’t disrupt our stay one bit. Since I had never visited The FireSky Resort, which was the resort before The Scott opened doors; I didn’t know how to judge its before and after. All I know, is it couldn’t have been THIS good! The hotel is a modern dream. Just look at this lobby!

After we arrived, checked in, and did a quick photo shoot and Vivienne took her nap before JJ arrived at the hotel around noon. We spent the next couple of hours in our cabana at the main pool, where we had a delicious lunch and a few cocktails. This was one of the best BLTs that I’ve ever had in a long time! Perfectly made. The bartender brought us a fun “sharing” cocktail called, Hospitali-tea, not yet on the menu and served in a frozen pineapple. The drink was sweet, fresh, and so fun for warm days by the pool. Everyone around us was so curious about the cocktail and wanted a pineapple of their own! This sounds like it will be a hit once added to the menu.

After a few hours at the pool, we went back to our room to get Vivienne down for her afternoon nap and ourselves ready for dinner. We arrived to The Scott Grill at 5pm (because thats the only time you do dinner with a baby) and was greeted by a smiling hostess that escorted us to our table. I wouldn’t have even noticed, but they had the restaurant in a temporary location, as the new bar and restaurant were still being renovated. Again, I would have never known if they didn’t give away this detail during our stay.

We started with a couple of recommended appetizers: Scallops, Smoked Hummus, and shrimp ceviche. You think we would have been finished and full after the first course as we ordered so much! Ha! Nope.. not even close. I had the Wood Fired Chicken and JJ went with the Roasted Beef Tenderloin. Both dishes were so juicy and perfectly cooked. Vivienne also participated it a little BLW and loved all the food as well. After our dessert course was over, and demolished, we went back to our room to put Vivienne to bed.

The next morning, we woke up and had a quick breakfast at The Scott Grill before I left for a much needed massage at La Vidorra Spa (previously Jurlique Spa). It was amazing and exactly what I needed- literally… the masseuse said my neck was hard as a rock… which didn’t surprise me one bit #motherhood. It was so relaxing.

Our stay at The Scott Resort was such a fun night away! We had the best accommodations for Vivienne (and the pups), as the two rooms made all the difference for V to comfortably nap. This hotel is in the best area, close to downtown Scottsdale, where you have the option to use bikes or shuttle anywhere close to the resort. We had the most amazing meals in a fun and trendy atmosphere, and I cant wait to see this place when it is completely renovated! Be sure to check it out!
Thank you to The Scott Resort for hosting our stay.

Photography by @aMaes_Photography
IPhone photos by Lola