Dining Room Reveal

August 15, 2017

I couldn’t be more excited to finally share our dining room reveal with you. As someone who takes an uncomfortably long time making decisions and putting things together, I can proudly say that I have completed a home project and couldn’t be more happy with it. For years, this room stood naked with only the table and chairs; and even though I desperately wanted to make purchases, other rooms took precedence (example: nursery) and time flew by. After V was born, I was finally able to focus on our home and today we officially have a finished dining room to share!

The design has changed quite a bit since first looking at our options. I wasn’t sure if I wanted one large print or a gallery wall behind the table and first thought a classic crystal chandelier was best. With design, there are so many different ways you can go about it (which is the fun part) yet making sure it flows with the rest of the house is crucial. Since the dining room is sitting next to our soon to be playroom, I kept it simple with pops of color in the artwork, table setting, and of course, greenery.

I partnered with Minted on the artwork for the space, working with an online designer to help me choose the best pieces for the wall. It’s a service that I would GLADLY do again as there were so much less decision making on my part. They do it all! First, you pay the styling fee ($99) which in my case was called the Art Room Styling Service. After you purchase, you will receive an email from your stylist and instructions on what they require from you next.

  • A picture of your room and a straight-on picture of the walls you would like styled.
  • The dimensions of the walls you would like styled. If there are any furniture or other items in front of the wall, please provide the dimensions of those as well
  • A link to at least one piece of Minted art you would like to incorporate into the room, but preferably 5 pieces for me to consider.
  • A note regarding what you’d like to achieve with your room – number of pieces you’d  like, who will be using the room, what type of look and feel you are trying to achieve, color scheme of room, and what you like or don’t like in terms of art.

After sending over the information, I received a PDF of my customized art plan per my stylist, Melanie. JJ wasn’t completely sold on some of the pieces (we don’t always see eye to eye on modern art) yet I strongly trusted her judgement. We discussed some other options, but in the end went with the original plan and JJ and I are both really happy with the results.

Another great perk about the styling service is they provide you with step by step instructions on how to hang the artwork where it needs to go on your wall. Dimensions from wall to floor was included with each art piece and the measurements between them. This made our lives so much easier getting them up. It came out perfect.

I also partnered with MuddyHeart, a ceramic artist from North Carolina that I found on Etsy. It was love at first sight with her one of a kind pieces. Those bowls!! I had to have them. I also personally love supporting PEOPLE and creators over purchasing from larger corporations/companies, and you can’t get much better than homemade! Melissa sent over the 3 wall planters and Draper Mid Century Planter and Plant stand (which was new to her shop) and I loved the quality so much that I went ahead, splurged, and purchased the 6 watercolor bowls in cobalt blue that I was eyeing for my table setting. I mean…how perfect are these?

The rest of the décor are from various vendors like Crate & Barrel, CB2, West Elm (I know I know, larger companies) and Home Goods. Once I received the bowls from Melissa, I took them over to Crate & Barrel to see if I could find a compatible set (looked at Target and Home Goods first). After some help from my friend Whitney, everyone in the store, and swapping out different options, perfection was born! OK, just kidding… but it was pretty close! The best part? The vintage silverware that I once told my mom I probably would never use was exactly what I needed, without spending an additional $300. The watercolor bowls are outlined with 22k gold, therefore I included gold rimmed wine glasses that I found at Home Goods that completed the mixed metal look. Check out the rest of the design below.


Emmerson wood table | Emmerson Dining Bench | Broken Lattice Rug | White Wire Chairs | Mirror | Wall Planters | Standing Planter | Watercolor Bowls | Hurricane Candle Holder | Wine Glasses: Home Goods | Drinking Glasses | Charger | Dinner & Salad Plates | Silverware: Vintage | Napkins | Chandelier | Artwork (left to right) Piece 1, Piece 2, Piece 3, Piece 4, Piece 5, Piece 6 | Pillow: Nordstrom Rack | Shag Rug: Home Goods

Photography by aMaes_Photography