Intro to Lark Adventurewear

Jul 15, 2017

When it’s 115 degrees in Arizona, you want nothing to do with being outside… especially with a newborn baby. I felt terrible every time I tried to take Vivienne somewhere, as her car seat and clothing instantly made her sweat. But, what choices do we have? Stay inside all day? No, thank you.

So, when founder, Pallavi Patil of Lark Adventurewear reached out to me about her brand being the only baby activewear apparel, I was instantly intrigued. The Lark Adventurewear is made of an eco-friendly (Oeko-Tex® 100 Certified) moisture wicking fabric (a blend of bamboo and cotton) that uses a capillary action to draw moisture from a babies sensitive skin. Another great feature of the pieces are the easy-open tops and bottom-to-top zippers that make clothing and diaper changing as easy as possible.

The brand was first created when Pallavi would hike and go for long walks with her son; noticing herself staying cool in her active t-shirt while her son was hot, sweaty, and damp from his cotton clothing. This resulted in them having to go back indoors much earlier than they wanted to. After a long search, she realized that there were no safe activewear brands for babies to help them keep cool. It was important to Pallavi to create comfortable, sweat-free, and breathable baby clothes; allowing families to spend more time outdoors for longer periods of time.

So, what do we think?

Vivienne was sent a couple of romper and bodysuit options last month and we took a few different occasions to test them out. At home, during nap time, and out and about in this heat. The pieces are soft, easy to take on and off, and appears very comfortable when Vivienne moves around. I can see a HUGE difference when we take her out of the house in Lark, she appears much more comfortable and dry in her car seat and stroller. This is such a win for this mama! The outfits wash great, are tag free (which is great for nap/bedtime) and come in a few different colorful patterns as options.

I absolutely love the idea and result behind Lark Adventurewear and I can’t wait to watch this company grow! If you have interest in trying this for yourself, especially during these hot summer months, use discount code LOLA for 15% off at check out.

Photos by aMaes Photography