Scottsdale, AZ welcomes Spence Diamonds

March 9, 2017

Spence Diamonds, the leading Canadian diamond jewelry retailer, has recently made its way to the valley, opening its doors on February 9th at the Scottsdale Quarter. From trendy restaurants to now a new approach to buying diamond jewelry, Scottsdale has once again proven to be one of the most exciting and upcoming cities in Arizona. It makes me feel so proud to live here and watch this beautiful city grow.

The grand opening of the Scottsdale location makes this the third US store for the international jewelry brand, providing Arizona with access to the most high-tech diamonds in the world.

So, what makes these diamonds so unique?

Clients can watch a diamond be created from a ball of plasma right in the store lounge! Artisan created diamonds vs. mined diamonds from the Earth are ethically produced, eco-friendly and socially responsible. There’s no physical destruction of the environment, no social destruction, no holes dug, no wildlife killed, etc. Thanks to breakthrough technology, only a few centers around the world specialize in this type of diamond creation and Spence is quickly becoming the leader in the industry. Spence is able to achieve the highest quality diamonds as well as rare colors like canary and pink diamonds. The best part? There is no physical difference between an Artisan Created Diamond and an Earth-mined diamond. The only difference is its source and age. Experts can only tell the difference with a multimillion dollar dating machine.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend their grand opening event last week, but stopped in on my day off to meet the staff and browse the shiny store. Unlike traditional jewelry stores, the Spence environment is open, bright and transparent with open jewelry cases where customers can try on jewelry and immediately see the quality and price of every diamond and piece. You guys, they even have a bar inside! Talk about a guilt free shopping experience! Ha.. just kidding, but it could be a good way to convince your partner to “grab a happy hour” without mentioning it being inside of a diamond store. Smart thinking, am I right?

So, next time you are at Scottsdale Quarter or visiting Scottsdale, (or Austin and San Jose) be sure to stop in and see this beautiful space for yourself!

Thank you Spence Diamonds for gifting me this beautiful Time and Eternity Pendant. This pendant is made with two elegantly interwoven silver rings that reflect the harmony of time and eternity. The center diamond gracefully illustrates that your world revolves around that special someone. Dainty and shiny, the perfect combination that fits my style.