Making Music with Framebridge

September 29, 2016

Throughout the last few years, I have shared a glimpse into the projects, renovations, and furnishings that have made this house a home. Its been quite the process over here and although we have done a lot since the initial move in, to me, it still somehow always appears half done. I have to constantly remind myself to be grateful of what we have and what we have been able to do so far; yet my jealousy lies with the people who can move into a home and completely furnish it all at the same time. Anyone else feel this way? I am grateful! I am grateful! I am grateful! Slow and steady over here, people.

What I have noticed about other people’s homes that appear to be more complete and comfortable, is their dedication to every corner in their space. “The trinkets on the shelves”, as my husband likes to point out. This always makes me laugh as we are not quite ready for trinkets. We are though, constantly brainstorming new and unique ways to organize and decorate these little corners.

We are big lovers of music. Some of our favorite memories involve going to concerts or laying down sharing headphones when we first started to date. So you can imagine how often we have it playing in our home. Our favorite is listening to the rat pack era while we cook or get ready for a date night. So creating a music corner was a definitely on our list.




Although I am eager to continuously work on projects in our home, the one thing I refuse to do until I feel ready is hang anything on our walls. The commitment is all too much for me and punching unnecessary holes gives me anxiety. I have to be certain that it’s what I want and where I want it before its hung. I came across a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to get pictures up on the wall, with half of the photos leaning on a shelf. That should be easy, right? We envisioned a record player, pops of color in the artwork, and behind the scene photos of some of our favorite musicians.

After some research, I found Framebridge who makes the framing process extremely easy. What I first noticed and loved about this company, was the ability to choose any size frame you need. Who knew finding frame sizes in stores would be so difficult (any pricey)? I made my selects, purchased prints, and sent them in to Framebridge. Before I confirmed my order, they were very accommodating with answering questions and providing designer feedback on the frame choices. I went with simple designs, as I usually do, with some accents of gold in my selects. I received the frames a week or so later, with all the hardware I needed to hang the prints. The rest is up to you and your personal hammer! They couldn’t have made this process easier. We are beyond happy with the final product and so excited to have this corner of our home complete. Our favorite print is definitely the poster from the year we went to Coachella. How awesome is that? Now, we can start collecting some favorite records to add to the space!








Give Framebridge a try yourself! I promise you won’t want to frame any other way. Take 15% off your first order when using code WHATLOLALIKES15 at checkout.

Photography by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

Record player: Orbit Plus Turntable by U-turn
Acrylic Stand: Handmade by AcrylicCreationsUSA, local Arizona company (also found on Etsy)

Be Kind,