Babymoon staycation at the Omni Montelucia

September 16, 2016

I first want to apologize to Omni Montelucia for following our amazing staycation with a late post. I wrote the post a couple of weeks ago, was very happy with it, and then somehow it got deleted before I could publish.  So you can imagine how frustrated I was to start this again. But here I am.

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The Omni Montelucia has always been one of my favorite resorts to stay at in Phoenix; which is why I was so excited when they asked JJ and I to come for a nights stay to celebrate our babymoon. Can you believe we are already talking babymoon? Where have the months gone? I am not quite sure I am ready for this pregnancy to be over just yet… but ask me again in a couple of weeks.

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The Edith Dress, found at Bohemian Mama

The moment you drive up to the Omni Montelucia, you are greeted by some of the nicest men who will conveniently park your vehicle, appoint you to check-in, and cart you to your designated room. If you’re unfamiliar with the resort, on a time crunch, or dealing with over 100 degree temps…I suggest you take the cart! You’ll be wandering around in the heat all flustered trying to find your room number (my photographer, Jennica had a little trouble finding the room when we met in the morning). Sorry, Jenn… take the cart!

One of the things I love most about this resort is their acceptance for allowing you to bring your pet along during your stay. Like the true dog obsessed parents that we are, Lucy and King also joined in on the babymoon. I said it before and I’ll say it again, these two LOVE going on vacation with mom and dad. After watching us pack our bags, all their fears go away once they get to jump in the car with us; and not to mention… a new place for them to explore. They are all about the staycations!

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Lounge pant and cami by Ingrid and Isabel

We were given a great room off the adult pool area, with a couple outside lounge chairs, and easy access to grass for the pups. We unpacked some clothing, gave the dogs their treats, and headed off to enjoy a day at the pool. A couple of hours later: some vitamin D, frozen grapes, lunch, cocktails, mocktails, and some R&R later… we were due for a much needed nap.

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Later that evening, JJ and I got ready and headed to Prado Restaurant, an old world dining experience that serves wood-fired fare with a Mediterranean spin. Each meal more delicious than the last, we took it upon ourselves to order the evening specials and a bottle of wine (wine for the hubby, a couple sips for me). We sat next to each other, people watching and admiring the quick storm that rolled through right as we sat down. What we noticed by all the wait staff throughout the night was their ability to go out of their way to be nice to others. You’d think that would be an automatic task, especially for people at work… but you’d be surprised how many waiters or hostesses you notice at restaurants who act pretty grumpy during their shifts. Everyone at Prado, whether you were a customer or not (a younger guy came in to visit his girlfriend) got warm welcomes and the upmost amount of kindness. We loved that.

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Maxi Dress by Ingrid and Isabel

The next morning, after a delicious pancake breakfast (I’m really into pancakes lately) JJ and I set off to Joya Spa for a morning of pampering, relaxation, and treatments. This is always one of my favorite parts about going to a resort as you get to experience the spa atmosphere and the different style treatments that they provide. We were given a private suite for our couples massage, this room was beyond romantic! My masseuse was Mome, and she was amazing! She made me feel really comfortable about using the belly pillow so I could lay flat and just enjoy. Unfortunately for me, I tweaked my back in the middle of the night so I was having  a rough time getting around. Talk about a bang to my morning of relaxation! The story is, our sweet Lucy fell between the sheets and mattress at the end of the bed in the middle of the night (how this happened, is a mystery). Since I am indeed her mother, I noticed the fall immediately and tweaked my back as I jumped up to save the day. Oh, Lucy! After the treatment, JJ and I lounged a little by the spa pool (which is such a cool, private, area that only people who are enjoying the spa can take advantage of). It has the most amazing mountain views, so it is definitely worth checking out the spa. I had a facial after with Lisa, which was amazing. Since I do facials every 4 weeks, I asked for her to not do extractions during our treatment. I left feeling hydrated and relaxed! The facial massage Lisa did was a game changer. The best I’ve ever had. I ended my morning at the spa with a pedicure by Cynthia. I was still struggling to walk around so being able to sit with the feet up (literally) was just what I needed. They do things a little differently at the salon for pedicures. You are literally put almost upside down with your feet at an angle while work on your feet. I thought this was an interesting and appealing touch.

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What I love most about this resort is how romantic it is. The dark rustic wood, the beautiful mountain views, deep greenery, and multiple conversational areas makes you fall in love here over and over again. JJ and I (Lucy and King too) absolutely loved our stay at the Montelucia. It was exactly what we wanted for our babymoon. Great food, amazing spa treatments, a romantic atmosphere… and a quick car ride away from unpacking our bags 🙂

Thank you so much to Omni Montelucia for being such gracious hosts. We will be back!

Photos of myself by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)
Other photos taken by my IPhone.

Be Kind,