Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

July 29, 2016

As you already know, I’ve been having some major skin issues throughout this pregnancy. Although it has finally started to calm down, I am always looking for new and better ways to keep it clear. I was recently introduced to the Ultimate Skin Spa, a dual-speed, rotary device designed to address the needs of multiple skin types all in one system. Based on your current skin condition, you get to choose the desired speed and brush head that will maximize the effectiveness of each use. Your very own spa at home!

First, don’t forget to add the batteries! I can’t tell you how many times I attempted to use the skin spa and realized that there were no batteries in the device. Duh! Someone is impatient.


Next, be sure to take your makeup off completely. Not doing this will make you more prone to getting clogged pores, and no one has time for makeup clogged in their pores. Attach the desired brush head (3 to choose from). Apply your cleanser to your face or directly to the brush head. With using just the right force, gently move the device around your face for about 30 seconds to a minute in length.

After use, pat your face dry and continue with the rest of your every day or night moisturizing regimen.

Conclusion: I used the deeper exfoliating brush for my first time use. I felt I was in need of a deeper cleanse that evening. After the treatment, I couldn’t stop touching my face. It felt smooth, clean, and looked absolutely radiant. I can’t wait to continue to use this system.

Get your own Ultimate Skin Spa, a $125 system for $38 using the link below.

Be Kind,