It’s a…

May 11, 2016

The gender is out and we couldn’t be more excited to announce once again that we are having a baby GIRL due the end of October.

So, what do I think about having a girl?

I had a borderline meltdown in public.

Let’s back it up a bit. At 10 weeks pregnant, you and your partner have the option to do genetic testing for your baby. These tests tell you if there are any chromosome abnormalities or likely chances of your baby having down syndrome. Along with this test, they can also find out the gender of your baby (100% accurate) at as early as 12 weeks vs. 18 or 20 weeks via ultrasound. It’s really a no brainer to me. Although some people prefer not to do genetic testing for personal reasons, I want to know… everything.

Week 12 slowly came around and I was beyond anxious and impatient. I called the doctors office to find out if the tests came back and the nurse confirmed that they did. I  quickly told her I didn’t want to know the sex over the phone and to please leave an envelope waiting for me at their office. I called JJ to let him know about the good news and he’s asked, “but is the baby healthy?” Shit! I forgot to even ask about the genetic results! All that was on my mind was finding out the gender. I called the nurse back, sweating this time. “The test came back negative.” ….I paused for a minute. “Uh, is that a good thing?” I don’t know about you but every time someone tells me the word negative, my brain doesn’t comprehend anything positive to go along with it. Thankfully, all was positive.

Like many people, JJ and I had this big plan of getting all dressed up and going for a nice dinner before opening the envelope together. Did that happen? No. Nothing you plan actually happens. Our impatience took over us and we literally ran out of our offices that afternoon to meet for lunch and open up the results. We didn’t care where we were or how romantic it was. The one thing I regret is not recording this moment. Although, due to my ugly cry reaction… I am not quite sure I would actually share it with the world.

You see, in my mind I had already planned for it to be a boy. I had dreams early on (with one girl dream in the middle) and overall had boy vibes my entire pregnancy up until this point. There were other things that pointed to boy as well. People often say if you have sex during a certain point in your ovulation (on ovulation vs. a couple days before) you are more likely to have a boy because boy sperm swims faster than girls. Although we weren’t planning it that way, those types of things come to mind when you start to think, “is it a boy or a girl?” I wasn’t sick during my first trimester so people automatically assumed boy. My mother, sister, and I all thought boy which made me assume even more since we are all kind of psychic. Basically, all signs were pointing to boy. My only ounce of speculation that it was a girl came from my father and JJ thinking so. This all just proves one thing and one thing only, you will never be able to truly predict the sex of your baby. From “trying” for a boy or girl to the symptoms you have while you are pregnant. Every single woman reacts differently to pregnancy. I will say though, the Chinese calendar was on point. ha!


I retrieved the envelope from the doctors office and I met up with JJ at Diego Pops in Old town, Scottsdale. We grabbed a corner booth and ordered something light. How can I even eat? Chips and salsa, please. I clearly can’t order a drink to calm me down. JJ hinted for me to just open the letter already since it looked like I was stalling and waiting for a specific moment to happen. I’m just nervous over here! I slowly opened the letter and read, “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE HAVING A….” The last word was covered by a blue post-it, so my mind automatically went to BOY. Then I saw the word GIRL lighting peeking through the little blue piece of paper. “IT’S A GIRL,” I blurted out while ripping the blue post-it away. Pure shock came across my face as I sat there in silence, then it hit me… a girl. So many things starting to come to mind. The nursery, the relationship we will have, the dolls, everything! Then … pure meltdown. I’m not really sure what the workers at Diego Pops thought happened… did he propose? did they break up? This girl is feeling all the feels over there. For one moment I thought  JJ was actually tearing up over the news… no, he was just almost crying laughing at my reaction. Ugly girl cry at its finest my friends. He also thought I wouldn’t have had that reaction had it been a boy. There is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have been just as excited to have a boy, because really I didn’t care what we were having, I was just beyond shocked that it ended up being a girl. After the meltdown, I almost had a “Omg, what do I do with a girl?” I felt lost thinking about the nursery, clothing, etc. but that quickly went away. Now, I can’t imagine if it wasn’t a girl.

So, am I nervous?

I am honestly bursting with excitement. Of course there are things that will be scary to go through as a new mom and mom in general but overall, JJ and I are so ready for this next chapter! I am more anxious for the toddler and teenage years. To raise my daughter in a world filled with technology, social media, judgement, and bullying. Although I am not one to talk about the use of social media and technology, this world is a much different place than when I grew up and I can’t imagine how it’ll be once she is in middle school. The technology we have today is only going to get more standard with time. I am of course nervous about actually delivering the little girl, but we won’t even go into that right now.

So, there you have it! The story of how JJ and I found out we are going to have a little girl. We couldn’t be more excited about it and I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you. Just like the fancy reveal dinner not taking place, the Instagram reveal wasn’t exactly supposed to be with a carousel. But, what actually goes to plan anymore? Stay tuned!


Be Kind,