February 18, 2016

Remember all the amazing sneak peeks I shared on social media these last few months? I was so eager to get those out to the world, I didn’t realize it would result in a seriously late post on my end. Once we received the finished product, my house was demoed shortly after and JJ, Lexie and I (+3 pups) had to move our lives to my mother-in-laws. After a few stressful days of decision making and a couple breakdowns later on what kind of pulls to order, the blog went mute. I did anticipate getting these out the same day as Venessa, but once I read her amazing blog post… I knew I needed to take my time. No excuses on this end, just a hefty explanation. 😉

I was thrilled when Venessa wanted to join forces for a collaborative shoot with me as I have been a huge fan of her blog www.wetheclassy.com and Instagram feed (@wetheclassy) for a while now. Venessa who also lives in Phoenix is a wife, mother of two, social media influencer, Ford model and working professional; this girl does it all. She gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to look that good and can be a jack of all trades after two kids.

Venessa and I have a couple things in common. Not only do we share a similar love for fashion, personal creativity and social media; we are both advocates for women who support other women. We find the importance to promote through our social platforms and encourage women to choose lifting each other up vs. bullying and putting each other down. Treat those who you want to be treated, as our parents always taught us. The positive vibes she puts out to the universe is undeniable, just look at the amount of love she gets back from her followers on a daily basis. Truly inspiring.

After deciding on what style we were going for, we put our ideas together (via pinterest board), contacted a few brands: Stevie May and Spiritual Gangster, and arranged the shoot. The purpose was to portray exactly what we preach on social media; a type of sisterhood, the bond between two women (aka “best friends”). Tiffany Egbert captured it perfectly. Once Venessa and I met at Tremaine Ranch, it was as if we had known each other for years. We spent the whole time joking and laughing, which made for organic and genuine images with a dab of serious poses of course. I hope you love the shoot as much as we do.

Bloggers: We The Classy and I

Photographer: Tiffany Egbert

Assistant Stylist: Mika Perry

Location: Tremaine Ranch

Crowns: Clutch Crowns

Clothing provided by: Stevie May (Venessa’s dress and Lola’s dress) and Spiritual Gangster (Venessa’s tank and Lola’s tank)

Faux Fur Jackets: Missguided (Venessa’s coat and Lola’s coat)

One Piece Swim Suits: Asos
















Be Kind,