Our Europe Trip: Amsterdam

Oct 13, 2015

After spending four busy days in London, we were excited to move on and explore Amsterdam. Amsterdam was one of those places that I associated with prostitution and drugs for the longest time with little desire to visit. Boy, was I wrong! OK… so there IS prostitution and drugs, but there is so much more than that. We planned two days in this city and although felt like we had seen a lot, wish we had just one more day.

When we arrived at our amazing Airbnb on the canal, we immediately put ourselves together and was ready to eat. We had the longest unexpected wait at customs, so you can imagine our struggle. What I love about airbnb’s other than the fact that you feel like you live there, is the local recommendations. Our host told us to go to a restaurant across the canal called De Brabantse Aap, that seriously lived up to the hype. Imagine a cooler day, sitting outside and watching the people go by; grazing the most delicious cheeseboard and bowl of soup, while sipping wine. It was the best start to Amsterdam.

Before sunset, we walked to the Red Light District… because you have to. It was the most interesting yet shocking scene of my life. Watching the women in the windows trying to lure men for sex. Unfathomable. The most shocking? Listening to men ask how much.

The following day was one of our favorites from the trip. After endulging in dutch pancakes, hoping to get into the Anne Frank Museum, (we couldn’t, note to self: buy tickets ahead of time) we rented bikes and cruised around the city. When it was time for lunch we set out to another recommended restaurant called Restaurant De Kas.  What an amazing experience! Offering a daily fixed menu, this local restaurant bases their meals on the harvest of their nursery.  They grow all their own herbs and vegetables in the greenhouse/gardens and on their farmland in the Beemster area. Everything they serve is locally grown. We couldn’t help but think about Brianna and Bryan and how much they would love this place. Not to mention the food… incredible. One of the best meals we have ever had. For anyone traveling to Amsterdam, I couldn’t recommend this restaurant enough. GO!

After our amazing meal, we went to the Van Gogh museum and had an afternoon canal cruise before enjoying our last meal in Amsterdam. The museum was great and the canal cruise was an amazing way to see the city. We went to the restaurant, RED which serves only lobster or steak. Yes, please! Naturally, I got the lobster.

Amsterdam was an absolute beautiful city, giving us the chance to explore yet relax for a few days on our trip. A city I would definetly visit again. The next morning we left for Paris. Bonjour! Stay tuned.

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