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September 29, 2015











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Hey friends! I know I haven’t shared any information about my trip to Europe yet. I’ve been dealing with some computer issues and lack of memory for photos. The problem has been solved thanks to a Mac genius and I’ll be posting them soon! Stay tuned.

For the past week, I’ve managed to catch up on sleep and get back to a normal routine. The only thing missing is getting myself motivated to go to the gym (help me). Life isn’t easy after a 15 day vacation. On Sunday, I went to AZSDR to pick out a pup for my photo-shoot. I chose Lucy, who was too adorable for words. So adorable that I disregarded taking her for a quick potty break before hurrying off to meet my photographer (I was already late). Right when I got into the car, with Lucy on my lap, she decided it was time to go… on my lap. Occupational hazard, I call it. Note to self…. always let the pup go to the restroom before entering the motor vehicle. Lesson learned.

I’d love to introduce you to Lucy, who came to AZSDR last week as a stray with her brother Ricky, and he is equally adorable. They are both cairn terrier mixes, approximately 4 months old. They will be having their spay and neuter surgeries this week and will be available for adoption by Thursday or Friday. I am not 100% positive what the adoption fee is, but guessing $280. The fee includes all shots, spay, surgery, and microchip. Lucy is very very sweet, only slightly timid at first. She warmed up to me very quickly and wanted to play play play as a puppy would!

If you are interested in having a meet and greet with Lucy (and Ricky) please contact AZ Small dog Rescue.

AZ Small Dog Rescue
1102 West Hatcher
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 944-2440

Photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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