Floral Co-ord

Aug 14, 2015












If you have been following me for a while now, you should know that co-ords are kind of my thing. Not quite sure what it is about them that has made me so drawn to the style. Perhaps its the laziness of not wanting to choose a bottom to go with a top, or just a love for pattern on top of pattern. Regardless, I just love. The love affair started a few years ago the moment the double pattern style hit my Pinterest board. Not as popular or available as they are today, it was if co-ords were a hidden treasure that people didn’t catch on to quite yet. Or that’s what I wanted to believe. I was the only one who loved co-ords. I am the co-ord founder. The co-ord queen. Alright, back to reality. People pinned, they knew they were there; I just liked to think I was the only one dreaming of co-ords.

At that time the style seemed unattainable to the average buyer, aka me; until they hit the shelves of Topshop a year or so later. Hidden in their online shop under Suits and Co-ords, I was giddy with happiness. I was the only one who knew they were on there, right? I probably went on weekly if not daily to check, hoping for a new coordinate style I could add to my wish list. I finally saw one I had to have, a floral crop top and matching (obviously) flowy skirt with two slits. I was lovely. Co-ords have become a lot more popular now a day, and I’ve gained a few since then; including this floral on floral ensemble. What I love most about this one is how boxy the top is paired with the flowy high waisted shorts. Completely comfortable and made by one of my favorite designers and summer go- to: The Fifth Label.

Wearing The Fifth Label , Tom’s Linen Strappy Wedges