Bumble Live. Phoenix, AZ

Aug 19, 2015



This post is a long time coming since my Bumble Live event last month. I wanted to take you through the day and my personal experience with the event. I was approached to be the main hair model at Mane Attractive Salon for Bumble and Bumble. Only given instruction to arrive at the salon Saturday morning, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

I arrived early morning to be greeted by James Ruiz, the Bumble Live educator for Bumble and Bumble. Hair was washed, product applied, and half of my hair was styled dry. People started to arrive to take their chairs and learn a little bit about Bumble Live and what they were going learn that day. I sat in the back, waiting, taking pictures of the process (see above) and waiting. Once they were finished I went up front to be the main demonstration hair model while James taught and did his thing. What a seriously talented man! My hair turned out great. Tons of volume, smooth, and felt amazing. Once finished, other hair models started to arrive at the salon for the students to mimic what was taught by James. By that time, I headed out for brunch with JJ and a day at We Do Men. Unfortunately for me, my hair was ruined with the oils and head massages that day but at least I got a couple good photos 😉

If you are interested in becoming a hair model for Bumble Live events in your area? Check out their website for more information and how to apply.

Be Kind,