The Body Lab, Phoenix AZ

Jul 13, 2015


Hey guys! I am really excited to share with you this amazing exercise studio right here in Phoenix, AZ.  I was approached a few months ago to write a review about my experience at The Body Lab in exchange for Pilates classes. I used this studio as an alternate to my weekly routine (cardio, weights, cross fit) to keep things new and change it up a bit.

I had never used a Pilates reformer before and went into my first class with zero expectations. Since I’m an early bird, I decided to sign up for the 6:30am class. This experience can only be explained in one word… awkward. I was 100% awkward. I felt completely stiff with my motions and uncoordinated. I also didn’t feel like I was being instructed correctly to help with my form. I instantly thought, shoot… not sure this workout is for me. I gave it another go a week later and decided to pick a different instructor. From then on I only took classes at The Body Lab while Adam was instructing. He was fun, goofy, played amazing music (so important!) and really took the time to work with me on my form.

Overall, I really enjoyed taking classes at The Body Lab. I’d recommend for anyone who is new to a style of exercise or studio, don’t give up and test out the teachers! I was completely bummed by the end of my first class, thinking I wouldn’t want to come again… to being sad that my sessions were up by the last. I also really enjoyed Friday’s 50/50 Core and Restore at 7am. This class is 25 minutes of high intensity core intervals followed by 25 minutes of deep, whole-body stretching to release the hips and shoulders resulting in improved circulation through the spine. Amazing to get a good core workout in followed by a deep stretch to start your Friday! Thank you Adam for being so awesome! I’ll definitely be back!





The Body Lab
Favorite instructor: Adam Maielua

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