Meet Trace: ADOPTED

May 19, 2015

My apologizes for being MIA last week. This section of my blog is so important to me ; so whenever I am unable to shoot or schedule a photographer, I get super bummed. (AZ Photographers: feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to shoot or be on my last-minute call list, I’d love to work with you!) I love my weekly routine of going to AZ Small Dog Rescue, talking with the staff and picking out a dog who needs more exposure. You probably notice that I am always shooting with a Chihuahua mix, as they are the most difficult breed to get adopted. I think some people have a stereotype for Chihuhuas, as I used to, thinking they are yappy dogs who are always barking. Most of the dogs I have shot with aren’t that way, yet have a more calm and quiet personality. I would definitely recommend taking the time to meet with some of these amazing pups before making assumptions about their personality and behavior.

This week I had the pleasure to shoot with Trace, an adorable 10 month old terrier. Can you even handle this face? Unfortunately, his owner had to surrender him because he was ill and unable to be home to take care of him. An unfortunate circumstance that landed him in the shelter. The majority of us have careers and other things going on in our lives, please understand that having a pet is a long-term commitment. Trace is good with other dogs as well as  trained for a doggy door. He loves attention and would love to be in an active home where he can play and get lots of love. Trace is 10 pounds, fully grown, up to date with all routine shots, vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. His adoption fee is $180 + $20 (microchip).

Please visit AZ Small Dog Rescue for a meet and greet with this sweet boy.









Overalls: H&M, Tank: H&M, Bra: KateXtee, Shoes: Skechers, Sunglasses: Zero UV

AZ Small Dog Rescue
1102 West Hatcher
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 944-2440

Photos by Luela Kaba Photography (@luelakabaphotos)

Be Kind,