Prescriptives Custom Blend

February 9, 2015


| Note: This product review is 100% authentic and based off my personal experience. I received complimentary product but was not paid for this review. |

A few months ago I was introduced to the company, Prescriptives. I had heard of this company before as it was sold in department stores since 1979, and refreshed in 2011; but I never had the chance to try it until now. Prescriptives is no longer selling their makeup and skincare products in stores but are still available exclusively online.

I was approached to try the Prescriptives Customs Blend service and I feel like I’ve finally found the one. I don’t know about you, but I was always the person searching for the next best foundation as nothing seemed to wow me. It was always the same story… at first glance they looked great on me in the store, and then I take it home and as time goes on I realize that it just isn’t a match.  I’ve been using my custom blend foundation for a few weeks to a month now and I’m beyond happy with the results.

Let me take a step back and explain the process. After confirming that I had interest in the service, I was immediately set up with a date and time to video chat with a Beauty Genius for 20-30 minutes regarding my skin type and the kind of foundation I was looking for. A few days later I sat in front of my computer screen with Bobby and uploaded a requested makeup free selfie in natural light. We discussed my skin type, and the look I was going for as far as specific coverage, matte vs. dewy, etc. It was quick, painless and within that hour I was sent an email with my custom foundation formula to purchase.

After receiving this product in the mail and trying it on, I immediately thought the tone wasn’t right for my skin. “Too light,” I thought. I blended it in more, added the contour and blush to my skin and realized… this is perfection. Bobby nailed it on the head! You can now consider me a Prescriptives customer. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a new foundation.


prescriptives 2
*Left photo: No makeup and lack of sleep, Right photo: applied makeup 20 minutes later
There was no photoshop or facetuning involved, both photos were taken in natural light.

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