Meet Mr. Poco: ADOPTED

January 5, 2015

Hello 2015! The last two weeks were pretty amazing. I can’t really tell you what I did, as I didn’t do much… but that was the beauty of it. JJ and I woke up each morning at our own leisure, eager for a warm cup of coffee in our hand (which might have included Baileys) and took the next couple of hours (or day) lounging on our couch with Lucy and King. I won’t use the weather as my excuse for being lazy, but seriously… it was freezing in Arizona. The perfect stay in your pajamas all day while eating pizza kind of weather. Lucy and King were quite happy with this decision. I did manage to use my vacation time to get back in a routine at the gym … and it felt amazing. Just do it.

Today, I am bringing you Mr. Poco. A 7 year old (approx.) male purebred Pekingese who was saved from the county kill shelter.  Poco had been turned in as a stray so unfortunately his past is unknown. My photographer was traveling this past weekend so we did not get a chance to do our routine photo shoot on Saturday. Instead, my amazing husband went with me to capture this adorable little man. I dressed in Lululemon workout clothes for a planned hike near home. I wouldn’t really call Mr. Poco a hiking kind of dog so our adventure didn’t go very far but it was nice to go for a short walk. After taking photos, we had about an hour to kill before returning him to the shelter. We decided to have him come back home to play outside with Lucy and King. Poco isn’t much of a player, in fact … he just watched the other two (one) run around. As calm as can be, he didn’t make a peep the entire time together and showed an incredibly easy going personality. I personally believe that Poco would be the perfect pet for an older couple. Poco is good with all other dogs, is kennel trained, neutered, vaccinated, vet checked, licensed, dental cleaning done, and micro chipped. You may contact AZ Small Dog Rescue to set up a meet and greet. Adoption fee for Poco is $180.













Pants: lululemon, Jacket: lululemon, Shoes: Puma, Sunglasses: Framed Glasses


Photos by JJ Garcia.

Be Kind,