The Real Awkward Stage

Dec 30, 2014


The more I go through old photos, the more I realize that my awkward stage was actually freshman to sophmore year of college.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has the ‘what was I thinking’ moments when it comes to past style, hair, eyebrows, etc. but seriously… what was I thinking?? One of my biggest regrets during this specific time was the excessive tanning bed usage. I hate to say it but at one point I was going to the salon every other day.  Such a shame.  Unfortunately that was not my only fault during  2005-2006. Along with my skin growing more orange, my hair was getting more blonde and my eyebrows were non existent. Not a good look. How did I even get a boyfriend?

freshman year 2

From 2006-2010, my eyebrows were all over the place. Grown out, heavily arched, and then went through a slightly confused stage. It took one special occasion to get me to really notice the importance of a good eyebrow. While living in NYC, I was having my makeup trial done for my wedding day with Jayme. She took one look at my awkward eyebrows and gave me one of the most serious talks of my life (ok, that was dramatic) but for real, she was serious. She gave me no choice but to grow them out and see her eyebrow woman while I was still living in the city. Every couple of weeks I took the train out of my way to the west village to see Lana and pay $20 for an eyebrow wax at Gemini 14. I was really poor during this time so $20 was a lot for eyebrows. Boy, was it all worth it! Words can’t describe how grateful I am for honesty. Sometimes you just have to tell a girl that her eyebrows are whack. Thank you, Jayme.

LJ 70

Lord knows I will never go back to a thin brow. It just makes such a difference  on the female face. I found a great eyebrow woman while living in Phoenix. Erica is amazing and I completely recommend her services to you!

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Can anyone relate to this past look? Would love to hear your comments or stories!

Be Kind,