Lola’s Holiday Gift Guide

December 10, 2014

Believe it or not, it’s December.

I know, I’m not quite sure how we got here either. Note to self for next year: Christmas cards need to be done by Thanksgiving. My friends and family will most likely be receiving an e-card this year.  The days have flown by and I wasn’t quite prepared for the holiday cheer (I’ll get ’em next year!).

Not to be a cliché blogger, but I took the time to create two inspirational boards for gift giving this year. We all have loved ones to purchase gifts for, and some are easier to shop for than others. For the tough guys, I think its best to go back to basics. Of course we all want to be the unique gift giver, but sometimes its best and safer to purchase items we know they will love without having to ask.

See below for options and ideas:



1.  The black heel. Gentlemen/ladies, if all else fails … choose the color black. Most women love shoes, and if you aren’t sure whether to pick from a bright color or a patterned wedge… go with black. I can almost guarantee that we all have a couple pairs of black shoes, so we won’t mind adding another to our collection.

2. Candles. A great stocking stuffer and we love having these around the house or as decoration on our coffee table.

3. The backpack. If your girl is on trend, she will absolutely love this gift. No questions asked.

4. Chucks. A staple shoe that most girls love. If she already has a pair in white, get her a pair in another color. You can’t have too many casual shoe options.

5. Mug. Another great stocking stuffer. There are so many different mugs out there and we all enjoy adding new ones to our collection. Pick out something that screams her… or at least would photograph well on Instagram.

6. Simple Jewelry. If you aren’t sure what to get your girl but you want to go the jewelry route, I’d recommend going more simple and trendy. Chunky or multiple rings, etc.

7. Matchy Pajamas. I don’t know about you, but sometimes sweats and pajamas are last on my list when I make a purchase for myself. New cute pajamas to rock on Christmas morning/afternoon (because you spend the entire day in those pajamas on Christmas, right?) is a great gift. Victoria Secret has a lot of options.

8. ITunes gift card. Simple, to the point. A great stocking stuffer.

9. Chanel nail polish. Any nail polish is a great gift, and we are always looking to add more to our collection.

10. Calvin Klein Set. A staple set for any woman to have. Comfortable, trendy, and falls in line with the pajama comment.

11. Workout clothes. Yoga paints, sneakers, sports bras. It’s all necessary.

12. Coffee table book. Women go crazy over these, whether they read them or not. It’s about how it looks stacked on your coffee table. Shop Amazon, they have the best deals.

13. Camel Trench Coat. During the winter months, there are a few things that we all need and a camel jacket is one of them. Shop Zara if you have no idea where to find one.




1. Video Games. The new PS4 is out, and your man may or may not have splurged on the system (mine has) so a perfect gift is a new game to enjoy for the times he is waiting on you to get ready. Regardless, a video game for whichever system he uses will be much appreciated 🙂

2. BBQ Sauce. A great stocking stuffer for any foodie or king in the kitchen.

3. Toms. We talked staple shoes for women… now onto men. Toms. The perfect comfort shoe that he can always use. I love this brand because they donate a pair back to someone in need.

4. Watch. I recently partnered with Daniel Wellington watches and really enjoy the brand. If you aren’t sure what he has or doesn’t have, go with a classic black or brown leather.

5. Basketball. First of all, these basketballs are not cheap (est. $30-150)! So he would definitely appreciate you adding one of these to his collection.

6. Goodfellas. If he doesn’t own it, he probably wants to. The perfect stocking stuffer or any guy and you will love it too. (other gangster movie options: Godfather, Scarface, Casino, Donnie Brasco, The Departed, etc.)

7. Sweatpants. Because they can’t have enough.

8. Rayban. Many different styles, but you can’t go wrong with the brand.

9. Messenger bag. I love a guy who can rock one of these on his way to work. If its not up your guys ally, opt for a leather overnight bag that is perfect for traveling.

10. Hair gel. This falls in the stocking stuffer category and may seem too easy to some but I can guarantee you will be doing him a favor.

11. Zip up. Like sweats, you can’t have enough zip ups.

12. Beanie. Classic winter wear is always a good idea and its hard for a guy not to look good in a beanie.


Be Kind and Happy Shopping,