How I Dress for Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2014


Thanksgiving is around the corner (tomorrow) and you are most likely making final touches to your menu or traveling to your destination to spend the holiday with friends and family. Due to the amount of weddings we have had this year, we have decided to stay at home in Phoenix. For the first year in our new house, nothing seems better than a casual evening with wine, our puppies and a lit fireplace. Of course I will miss spending the holiday with family, running into friends around Syracuse and going another year without indulging in Mario’s pizza everyday for lunch (no sarcasm here). I’d also like to mention that this year is my 10 year high school reunion. It’s crazy to think how much has changed since then and how far away we are in our current lives from graduation day and anticipating the next steps for the best years to come. Cheers! I hope everyone has a great time catching up!

So, the big question is…what do you wear?? Do you tend to dress up for the occasion or keep it casual? I personally like to go for comfort without going full on velour jumpsuit. You’ll probably find me at the table with a glass of wine, an oversized sweater, stretchy pants (obviously), and a cute pair of boots or flats. Dress up your casual outfit with a bold lipstick or scarf/turban (I’d go for the turban if you asked me).


How do you plan on dressing for Thanksgiving? Leave for feedback/comments below.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!
Be Kind,