Pumpkin and Spinach Ravioli

October 16, 2013

We currently have almond milk, condiments, a few selections of fresh herbs, eggs, and half of an onion sitting in our fridge. You may think that sounds hopeless, but I say… that’s was a successful week! We’ve all been through it… over purchasing on accident at the grocery store, buying too much because we just want to our fridge to look full, and of course to keep our options open without actually determining how the produce will be used. Produce on top of produce, you later find decayed vegetables and wilted leaves sitting at the bottom of your drawer. Not so pleasant…or edible. Therefore, I began planning out our meals according to what we will actually eat/use throughout the week. It doesn’t leave much option for a lazy Sunday night but does help you stay on track and saves you money in the end! 
After cooking up a tofu wonton soup a few weeks ago, I had plenty of leftover wontop wrappers that I didn’t know what to do with. I read the package which said they can be used to make ravioli, perfect! All I needed were a few more ingredients to make it a meal, and to top it all off… I added pumpkin to the mix. Pumpkin in Fall? No she didn’t. These turned out amazing!
Wonton wrappers, tbd
Part-skim ricotta cheese, large spoonful
Spinach, half bag (cooked on stovetop and then squeeze out the liquid)
Parmesan Cheese, tablespoon
Pumpkin Puree, large spoonful
Organic All-Natural Tomato Sauce
Now, I know my measurements are not exactly the most helpful which may be frustrating to someone who does not cook often, but the wrappers do not take much to fill and gives you the chance to make it as cheesy or pumpkiny as you’d like. Mix together the spinach, ricotta, pumpkin, and parmesan cheese in medium size bowl. Take one wonton wrapper and place a small amount of filling in the center. Wet the sides all around and add the second wrapper on top, pressing down so they stick together and mark the ends using a fork. Once your ravioli’s are made, boil a pot of water and gently add the ravoli. Once they float to the top they are finished cooking. Gently remove the ravioli from the pot and place them in your favorite sauce. I usually like to make my own but this night, I used all-natural tomato sauce to speed up the process.