My Battle with a Juice Cleanse

September 21, 2013

“I do not personally do cleanses because eating healthy to me is a natural cleanse. It does not hurt your system and your body becomes used to maintaining weight instead of going up and down;” was a recent quote I text messaged my friend when she asked me what I thought about cleanses. Although I still believe it to be true, who am I to judge something I have never done? There are pros and cons to most things you do and every persons body reacts different. I recently watched the documentary, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, directed by Joe Cross; a man who was 100 pounds overweight with his health rapidly spiraling downward. He travels 3,000 miles with a juicer to document the body healing itself with only his two goals in mind: to get off prescription pills and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Truly an inspiring story and amazing to see the amount of people Joe Cross has helped along the way.  I recommend everyone to check out this documentary.
I am already a pretty healthy person. I eat really well and exercise 5-7 times per week. So, no… I would not say I HAVE to cleanse. But I’d like to do this for you. For the people who ask me about cleanses and if I’d recommend them. It’s hard to recommend or not recommend something you have never done.

So here is my experiment. 3 days of consuming nothing but juices.

Beginning weight: 113.6
Mood: Happy
Energy: High
Feeling: Good

Wish me luck.