White In The Kitchen

Aug 14, 2013

Often people go through different stages in their lives that implement how they decorate their space, wear his/her hair and the style they dress. Although I’ve gone through many stages myself, I tend to go through more color obsessions than most. Pink. I loved the color pink growing up. “I went through junior high wearing nothing but pink. Now pink makes me puke… so I change, rearrange.” That quote from the amazing Jawbreaker pretty much sums up how pink went down for me. I was so into it that I think every item of clothing was a shade of that perky color. For those of you that know me well know that my Syracuse bedroom walls are still pleasantly pink. I’m not ashamed. The girl liked pink. Now, the dramatic twist came in the middle of college when I started to loathe the color pink and had a serious affair with black and everything dark. The past year I have finally brought down my walls and allowed color back into my life. I actually enjoy pink again, which many people would have never thought to see the day. So, what is my newest obsession? White. I am particularly drawn to all white kitchens. My husband and I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing a house or condo in the next year or two… any place that comes my way with an all white kitchen; I am without a doubt SOLD. That’s the obsessiveness in me.
Although I have not done a post like this in a while, I wanted to share some kitchen inspiration that I have recently fallen for.
What do you become obsessed with?