Chobani Greek Yogurt, a #justaddgood review

Aug 30, 2013

About a month ago, I received a very large shipment of Chobani greek yogurt delivered to my front door. Praise the Greek gods! Before the package arrived, I literally thought nothing else but my need for Greek yogurt all day. The one time I felt relieved that my laziness kicked in instead of making an obvious run to the grocery store.
I finished my last tub of yogurt this week; scraping every last bit to savior the deliciousness and the fact that, “it’s fo freee” as Rebel Wilson would say. Jokes. Believe it or not I have already been back to the store for more. Who can live a day without greek yogurt anyway?
A month before this lucky day, I received an e-mail from Becky who is the community coordinator for Chobani corporate in New York. She found my blog through a post I did on a plank challenge (note to self: must write more exercise posts) and loved the message and spirit I brought to living a healthy lifestyle. She asked if I would be interested in testing out the different flavors and writing a review of the product. I agreed without hesitation.
First of all, I am no new customer to Chobani. They have been my go-to snack for a long time now and my opinion has only gotten better… bite by bite. Stores close to me while living in San Francisco lacked the variety of flavors; so I was especially thrilled to receive this offer and get a chance to test out the ones I never got the opportunity to try. I tend to be a creature of habit and fall in love way too fast with food. When I love something, I crave/think about it way too often to admit. In the name of Chobani, the two flavors of love are peach and banana/strawberry. It is safe to say that after this experience I have welcomed a new flavor in my life, which I am surprised to say is….pinneapple. Trust me, go buy it! You will not be disappointed.
Along with the variety of yogurt flavors, Chobani also sent me six 16oz tubs of plain low-fat, vanilla, and plain non-fat greek yogurt. I now love the routine of taking a 16oz container to work with me to snack on for the week.
As a lover of fitness and trying to live the healthiest lifestyle possible; I choose Chobani because they contain only natural ingredients, are gluten-free, made with no artificial sweeteners and contain two times more protein per serving than regular yogurt. Every 6oz cup contains 13-18g of protein; and as a runner, a great source for post-race recovery.

Did you know that greek yogurt can be used in a number of ways?
1. It can be used as yogurt. (genius!) just kidding… but really, an amazing daily snack topped with your favorite (healthy)granola and fresh/dried fruit.
2. Add it to your smoothie for a thicker consistency and additional nutrients.
3. Add it to your tomato soup instead of using sour cream.
4. Add it to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning.
5. As a delicious topping to any fish, meat or sweet potatoes.
6. Blend greek yogurt and chocolate chips to make the perfect healthy topping for cupcakes/cakes instead of icing.
7. Try this healthier version of a greek goddess salad dressing.
8. Greek yogurt + cauliflower + garlic + shallots = side dish faux “potato” heaven. The perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast.
9. Protein! Use greek yogurt to fuel before or after a workout
10. Cumumber + dill + greek yogurt = a delicious salad or dipping sauce

Is your mind blown? There are so many ways to make healthier food choices in your daily lives. #justaddgood to your routine with Chobani!