Lauren comes to San Francisco

Nov 8, 2011

This weekend while JJ went to San Diego, and I had a good friend come to visit me. Lauren and I have been friends since preschool. She arrived Friday evening to an annoyed Lauren (me) because I accidentally grabbed the leftover pineapple wine JJ’s boss gave us from Hawaii and added that to my pasta sauce verses regular wine. I should have looked at the label like a smart cook…. soo we had penne with shrimp herb pineapple cream sauce. I huge bummer since that dish is so good and I wanted LC to try it. 
We stayed in the rest of the night with wine and a movie and woke up early to begin our day of sightseeing! Sadly, the weather was not up to parr but we did not let that stop us. 
Saturday night I hosted a girls night out where we had appetizers and drinks at my apartment and went out in the mission. We had a rough night to say the least and I am very glad for once that none was caught on camera. 
Enjoy some pics from the weekend!